Booster dose boosted in Qatar | Qatar covid 19

Distribution of Kovid Vaccine Booster Dose in Doha, Qatar on Fast Track. As of yesterday, 1,12,428 booster doses had been dispensed, according to the Ministry of Public Health. More than 5,000 booster doses are administered daily.

The booster is given to those who have taken the second dose of Kovid vaccine 6 months later.

The booster dose was started 6 months after the second dose, based on clinical evidence that the body was losing its covid immunity 6 months later.

A booster dose of either Pfizer Biotech or Modena will be available to foreign vaccine holders arriving in Qatar, officials said.

Ministry officials said there was no danger of mixing the two different vaccines.

Authorities also warned that the Golden Frame profile status of the Kovid risk assessment application Ihteras would be lost if the booster dose was not taken, as the Kovid vaccination period is 12 months.

Meanwhile, 49,89,421 doses have so far been distributed in the first two doses of vaccines under the National Kovid Vaccination Campaign.

Eighty-five percent of the total population has completed Kovid vaccination. The vaccine is currently given to people over 12 years of age.

Booster dose can be taken at all government health centers in the country. Those eligible for Kovid vaccination and booster dose will be contacted directly by the Primary Health Care Corporation officials.

Those who are eligible for booster dose and do not receive an official phone call can make an appointment for vaccination by calling the hotline number 4027 7077.

You can also make an appointment through PHCC’s mobile app, NerAcom.



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