Boosting Purchasing Power and Evading Chinese Regulations: Investment Opportunities in Thai Real Estate

Government Urged to Stimulate Purchasing Power before Confiscation

The TNN Know-Know-Invest program, scheduled for Tuesday, August 15, 2023, from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM, highlights the pressing need for the new government to boost the purchasing power of consumers ahead of possible confiscation measures. Drawing attention to the potential risks posed by Chinese investors, this program aims to provide insights into investing in the Thai real estate market discreetly. Tune in to SET Channel at 5 PM to discover investment opportunities recommended for the new cabinet, promoting widespread spending and economic growth.

Expert Assessment of Investment Direction

Joining the program is Khun Soonthorn Thongthip, Senior Director of Securities Analysis at Kasikorn Securities, who will offer valuable insights into the investment direction in Thailand. Thongthip deems CPALL’s continuous growth as promising, mainly driven by the flourishing tourism sector which supports increased sales. Additionally, BAFS is making profits and planning investments in renewable energy while BBL is expanding its custodial services in Vietnam, showing potential for lucrative returns.

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Live: TNN Know-Know-Invest program, Tuesday, August 15, 2023 at 5:00 PM-5:30 PM – point to the new government Need to stimulate purchasing power before confiscation – Thai real estate can be invested without getting caught by Chinese numbers – SET 5PM (Set Five PM) – Invest stocks for the new cabinet, spread spending! Assessment of investment direction with Khun Soonthorn Thongthip, Senior Director of Securities Analysis, Kasikorn Securities – CPALL continues to grow, good tourism drives more sales – BAFS turns a profit, aims to invest in renewable energy – BBL is expansion of custodial services in Vietnam – Update TFEX board can be tracked on TNN Know-Know-Invest every Monday to Friday between 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM on channel TNN 16 Asia #Gold #Oil #World Gold #World Economy # US #Inflation #Top Stocks #Invest #Portfolio Management #Europe #Fed #United States #China #Thai Politics #Safe Stocks #Safe Stocks #Mitsubishi #China Travel #China Group Travel #Chinese tourists #new government #SET Channel to follow station news TNN Channel 16 Line @TNNONLINE or click to keep up with the world, the latest information about the economy, the latest information about TNN Channel 16, a news station that adheres to the principle of delivering news to the point, in fast, accurate, correct and unbiased, by a professional news team

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