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Boosting the high-quality development of the economy Bosera specializes in special new theme hybrid funds are on sale_Securities Investment

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Original title: Bosera Specialized, Specialized, Special New Theme Hybrid Fund to Help High-quality Economic Development Is on Sale

High-quality economic development is inseparable from the driving force of technological innovation. The Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee held in July this year put forward that “it is necessary to strengthen technological innovation and the resilience of the supply chain of the industrial chain, speed up the solution of the “stuck neck” problem, and develop specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises.” The development of specialized and special new enterprises is inseparable from the support of national policies and the attention of the capital market. A few days ago, Boshi Fund actively responded to the national innovation-driven development strategy, focusing on the innovation and development of “specialized, special-new” small and medium-sized enterprises, and took the lead in launching the Boshi-specialized, special-new theme hybrid securities investment fund (Class A code: 014232, Class C code: 014233), to help the growth of high-quality enterprises with “specialized, refined, and new”.

“Specialization, special newness” means “specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty”. “Specialization, specialization and newness” enterprises focus on the shortcomings of the manufacturing industry, have strong innovation capabilities, master key core technologies, and solve them to the maximum.” Stuck neck” problem. The state has launched a series of policies and measures that will focus on supporting the high-quality development of more than 1,000 specialized and new “little giant” enterprises from 2021 to 2025, and promote their role as a model in economic growth.

The proposed fund manager of the Bosera Specialized New Theme Hybrid Fund Guo Xiaolin is currently the fund manager of the Equity Investment Division 4 of the Bosera Fund and the leader of the new energy investment and research integration team. He has 9.2 years of experience in the securities industry and began to manage public funds in 2016. He focuses on the pan-technology field and is optimistic about the future development of the TMT, new energy, pharmaceutical and Internet industries. “Based on industry trend research, he strives to explore and invest in outstanding companies in good industries.” The fund mainly invests in the stocks of listed companies specializing in special new topics. Under the premise of strict risk control, it pursues investment returns that exceed the performance comparison benchmark, and strives to achieve a steady increase in the fund’s assets.

As one of the first five fund management companies established in Mainland China, Boshi Fund is the pioneer and firm practitioner of the value investment philosophy. Based on its own investment and research integrated structure and a deep understanding of the overall competition pattern of the industry chain, Boshi Fund has established a systematic research framework for the “specialization, specialization, and new” direction; at the same time, the company upholds the patience of “making friends with time”. Respect the law of development of scientific and technological innovation, pay attention to the craftsman spirit of the enterprise itself, explore high-quality targets with real competitive advantages, and share the growth value of a “specialized, special-new” enterprise with investors.

Risk warning: Funds are different from financial instruments with fixed income expectations such as bank savings and bonds. Different types of funds have different risk and return situations. Investors may share the income generated by fund investment or bear the loss caused by fund investment. The fund manager promises to manage and use the fund’s assets in accordance with the principles of honesty, credibility, diligence and due diligence. However, it does not guarantee that the fund will be profitable or return. There is a risk of fluctuations in the net value of the fund. The performance of other funds managed by the fund manager does not constitute a contribution to the fund’s performance. Assurance of performance, the past performance of the fund does not indicate its future performance. Investors should carefully read the “Fund Contract”, “Prospectus” and “Product Summary” and other legal documents, and pay attention to the appropriateness opinions issued by the company in a timely manner. The opinions of various sales organizations on the appropriateness are not necessarily consistent. The company’s appropriateness The matching opinion does not indicate a substantive judgment or guarantee of the risk and return of the fund. There are differences in the fund contract regarding the fund’s risk-return characteristics and the fund’s risk level due to different considerations. Investors should understand the risk and return of the fund, make careful decisions based on their own investment objectives, duration, investment experience, and risk tolerance, and bear their own risks. They should not adopt sales behaviors that do not comply with the requirements of laws and regulations and promotional materials that violate regulations. The details and purchase channels of the funds mentioned in this material can be found on the official website of the manager—Bosera Funds-Fund Products. The website of Bosera Fund’s related business qualification introduction is: http://www.bosera.com/column/index.do ?classid=00020002000200010007.


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