Boris Johnson ordered a call to Bluff Corbyn and held an election NOW - Express poll results | Politics | news

Boris Johnson ordered a call to Bluff Corbyn and held an election NOW - Express poll results | Politics | news

Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly claimed that there should be an early general election to overcome Brexit and “change the direction of the country”. His plot includes his most recent vote vote calls to prevent Boris Johnson from leaving the EU without a deal. But John Curtice's polling dresses showed yesterday that the Labor leader's plan would be over before he even started because it would be difficult to get support from his own Labor Deaths because of widespread unrest.

In response, asked you, our readers, if the Prime Minister should seize the unrest of Mr Corbyn and hold an early election to call the boss of the labor leader. .

The poll asked, from 12.30pm on 23 August to 2.30pm August 24: “Should Boris Johnson call on Jeremy Corbyn's Bluff and hold an election?”

8,913 people responded and 54 percent (4,808 people) responded in favor of a snap vote.

43 per cent (3,827 people) voted “no” and three per cent (278 people) answered “I don't know”.

But many readers said that Brexit must be delivered before a general election can be called, or that the Brexit Party can “destroy” the Tories.

One person wrote: “Leave first on 31 October, then call for election.

“Calling for an election before we leave Brexit again.

“Any other delay on Brexit and Tory Island is a history.” T

MUST: The remains hope that people will suffer and die and so the UK will return to the EU

Mr Corbyn launched his offer to avoid any discussion with blocking opposition parties and Mr Johnson in Berlin was in talks with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Labor leader said he wanted to discuss “all available measures to prevent any dealings”.

Read his letter: “The country is entering a constitutional and political storm, so it is vital that we meet urgently before Parliament's returns.

“The horrific and abolition of Brexit is a real and threatening one without Breis Johnson, as the Government produced a clear booklet on Operation Yellowhammer.

“That's why we have to do everything we can to stop it.”

The letter came after Mr Corbyn wrote to senior opposition politicians last week outlining proposals to vote without calling in Government in the autumn.

Under the proposals, the former ex-collector would be in charge of a temporary government which would extend Article 50 and call a general election.

But Sir John said that it was not a “very good idea” for Labor General Elections to run before Christmas.

He told the political news site “Boris Johnson's public rate is more demanding than they do Jeremy Corbyn, but they don't think some of them are too good because the Conservatives can't Popular standing at the end of the day Jeremy Corbyn and Mr Corbyn are not very happy with those in their own party.

“Stay with voters – few think that Boris Johnson is enough.

“If the polls were at this point indicating that the Brexit Party's votes had fallen away, the Tory are ahead, if I were the Labor Party suddenly I would say that an election is not a good idea just before Christmas. ”

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