“Borrow Mai” joins forces with “Bitkub Chain” to invest 500 million baht to launch YES coin with the first digital asset rental platform in Thailand

From left: Mr. Tawatchai Ingboonmeeskul, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Welthitechfin Co., Ltd., Mr. Passakorn Pannok, Chief Executive Officer of Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Suthikiat Kittiphattrakul Chief Executive Officer, Loan Mai (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Dr. Phadet Jinda, Chief Executive Officer of Finstable Company Limited

“Did you borrow it?” (Yuemmai), a provider of IT products, telecommunications, digital finance and technology, shaking up the crypto industry in Thailand, joins hands Bitcoin Blockchain Technology (BitKub Blockchain Technology), the creator and operator of Bitkub Chain, a popular Thai Blockchain network, invested 500 million baht to launch “YES” (Yes) The newest token. ready to develop platform “Borrow? digital” Providing digital asset rental services for the first time in Thailand

Mr. Suthikiat Kittiphattrakul Chief Executive Officer, Loan Mai (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that YES coin was launched in collaboration with Bitkub Blockchain Technology Company Limited including Thailand’s leading technology startup partners such as Finstable Company Limited and Wellthi Techfin Co., Ltd. Foreseeing that YES token is the first step in applying blockchain technology to the development of the “borrower” marketing system to connect relationships and provide rewards to borrowers who are in the ecosystem under the umbrella of “Lend Mai Holding” includes Credit SIM, Borrow Mai Finance, Borrow Mai Online, and Borrow Mai Blockchain. Customers and users of “Lend Mai Holding” will be rewarded as YES coins to be used as collateral for renting digital assets on the platform “Lend”, the first digital asset rental service platform in Thailand. To create investment opportunities in the digital world easier

“Digital finance that can be accessed by adopting smart contract technology will help in providing credit services and making it easier for customers to buy electronic products We are committed to driving the development of flexible distribution and service platforms. Through its innovative digital infrastructure, YES is confident that the YES coin will connect the customer experience across multiple channels. And it is definitely a reward that is worthwhile for customers.” Mr. Suthikiat said

YES Coin is a token that is certified by BitKub Chain (Verified by BitKub Chain). Customers who borrow or not will receive YES coins after using the service or buying products from businesses in the “Lending Mai Holdings” group on a monthly basis (from February 14th). Customers can then use YES coins as a guarantee. to rent digital assets on the platform “borrow”, which is like an online marketplace of various crypto-currency camps that have become partners The first token to be leased is KUSDT (BitKub Next token family), followed by more than six well known cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The rent is 30 percent per annum of the value of the digital assets leased. through considering the number of digital asset leases that tenants can rent as well system Credit Scoring Which is the result of the development of Welthi Tech Fin Co., Ltd., a start-up developer of mobile financial products that has received a Pico Finance license from the Ministry of Finance. By applying artificial intelligence (AI) and big data management technologies, it analyzes accurate data and gives customers the best loan application experience.

by Mr. Tawatchai Ingboonmeeskul, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Welthitechfin Co., Ltd. said “We are delighted to collaborate with “Borrow or not” to support the credit scoring system in the lease of digital assets. which is a modern investment promotion through the financial technology system (Fintech) that is modern, comprehensive and accurate

The value of YES coins starts at 28 baht (as of the launch date), where holders of YES coins for 10 months can buy-sell (tradable) on the digital asset exchange market. By borrowing or not, there is a goal to develop the YES coin in the future as a coin that can vote. and have the right to a transparent trading system (Governance Function)

Mr. Passakorn nevus Chief Executive Officer Bitkub Blockchain Technology Company Limited It has been revealed that BitKub Chain has also become a mentor and system. And join in the investment by setting up AMM Automate Market Maker (or digital asset fund on Bitcoin Cup Chain) worth about 100 million baht (about 300,000 dollars).

for the platform “Loan” is the first integrated and decentralized finance (CeDeFi) platform in Thailand. It was developed by Finstable Company Limited (Finstable), a fintech company located in Phuket. And is a company that is in the process of applying for permission from the SEC with an initial registered capital of 75 million baht. CeDiFi is a smart contract system that works with humans. which uses the advantages of the Centralized system to combine the advantages of the system decentralized It is highly secure because there are staff available to serve customers 24 hours a day and thus the customers earn high returns as well.

Dr. Phadet Jinda, Chief Executive Officer of Finstable Company Limited said “The team Finstable is made up of experts from the financial sector. Securities, Law, Accounting and Blockchain Technology Sectors We believe that the CeDeFi system, which brings the strengths of the KYC, CDD and AML systems to get to know customers and prevent the risk of customers using the system because it is a new technology Combined with the adoption of a Smart Contract based DeFi system that is secure, transparent, verifiable, and has low administrative costs. Will it support the lending platform to be able to serve customers effectively?

There will be a pilot test (Beta Test) on January 14-31, 2022 with opensystem testing competition CeDeFi More Attract students and people who are interested to join the guild. Compete for a prize of 100,000 baht in KUB scholarships (see competition rules and apply to join at the website

Those interested in YES coins can apply for membership starting today on the platform. “Borrow it or” and will receive YES AirDrop coins for free to customers. It will be received on February 14, 2022. Limited quantity of only 2,500,000 dollars (75 million baht), first come, first served!


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