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Borwornsak Torduead Netiwit pointed out the shallow logic Carrying a saliang to summon a monk, not related, not equal

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“Bawornsak Uwanno” wrote to Netiwit – Executive Director of Chulalongkorn University in case of cancellation of the procession to summon the monks Shallow logic force

On October 25, 2021, Mr. Bowonsak Uwanno, former chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee Former Cabinet Secretary Former Dean of the Faculty of Law Chulalongkorn University and is an alumnus of Chulalongkorn University, expressing his opinion about the cancellation of the procession to summon the Buddha image via Facebook Borwornsak Uwanno, starting with the sentence: Netiwit and another 28 Chula Student Club Executive Committee, please listen.

You and I are both Thais. She and I studied at Chulalongkorn University as well, but we graduated in 1976. She’s still studying. Some of the directors, especially those studying law, probably studied with us. But today we would like to speak as a Thai person, not as a teacher or Chula alumni.

All 29 of them issued a statement canceling the procession to summon Phra Kiao in the Chula-Thammasat traditional football event on October 23, although there is no such football event this year. And she had held this meeting long before October 23. She had a hidden agenda to use the Piyamaharaj Day when Thai people remember King Chulalongkorn. Doing what civilized people doesn’t do is insulting. Insulting Phra Kiao, which is the symbol of the Great King, is “Symbol of Feudalism”

She has the right to disagree with that activity. She has the right not to participate. Like we never agree with giving seniors Wak (shouting insults) to juniors in the cheering room. We therefore never attended a cheering room at the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, from entering school until graduating in 1976. We respect her choice.

But what we cannot accept is that she does not respect the Thai people who are still loyal to the Great King. She wrote a lot of words that hurt the hearts of Thai people, which made us a Thai person to come out and explain to her one point at a time as alms.

1) She claims that the activity “Support and reflect authoritarianism.” We want to tell her that her teacher at the Faculty of Political Science Probably taught Aristotle’s classification of good and bad regimes. By looking at the number of users of supremacy and the purpose of using that power whether it is for everyone in society (good) or for parents only (bad type).

Do you remember that Aristotle organized a monarchy for all sectors of society as good governance? but only for the king himself He is classified as a tyrany regime.

His Majesty the King had a royal determination to establish higher education with a speech at the Rajakuman School. always claiming that

“There will also be a higher school of subject matter that is being thought of right now. Master from my son onwards as well as to the lowest citizens will always have the opportunity to study Whether you say noble or commoner.”

It was because of this royal determination that she and I studied at the university that laid the same foundation.
We wouldn’t have to tell her that His Highness freed slaves and abolished the common system that was the foundation of feudalism. Otherwise, both her and our ancestors would have been commoners for a long time.

His monarch reformed the government. How much is the court and law, economy and society for Siam and Thai people? He did not do it for himself. We don’t have to explain She went to research according to the “student” vision.

2) She said that activity “Strengthening the belief that people are not equal,” she cites equality. She evidently confuses division of labor with equality.

Her acting as a student and other students chose her to serve as the club president. She and the students who chose her were always students. The difference is that she was assigned to serve as president of the club until the end of the term. If her logic is correct, she must say that the students who choose her are not equal to her. because she is the club president How can other students be equal to her? Americans choose Biden as president. If he uses her logic Why would he choose Biden? If Biden has the White House for free Hundreds of cards There are many salary and other benefits.

But he elected his president because he knew that was the division of labor. It was not chosen because he wanted to support the belief that people were not equal. Being a monarch is about dividing duties and sharing tasks. as the Buddha showed in the Akkan Sutta that a brahmin was not born from the mouth of the Brahma flower But the kings, brahmins, phaets, and shutras are the division of duties. no one is superior Imagine if every Chula student could be a club president like you, Netiwit, what would happen???

To divide the work, invite one of the monks. Carrying 50 more saloons is a division of labor. not reinforcing inequality

Although equality (equality) is the principle of individualism. Democracy and Public Law and was the motto of the French Revolution itself. It’s not a blunt equality. Close your eyes and say that everyone is equal in everything, in every situation, if you really think that way. too shallow because there is no real way

If equality is dull, everyone who wants to study at Chulalongkorn University You have to study, don’t you? But why, she and 28 of her friends and a number of students studied How about tens of thousands of other people wanting to study but not studying? Then she and her friends who were able to enter Chulalongkorn University Equality equal people who can’t go to school? She would probably answer that it wasn’t really equal.

But it doesn’t go against the principle of equality. Because 100% equality in all matters, in every situation, is impossible. This main announcer in the 1789 French Declaration of Human Rights and Citizens made it clear in Declaration No. 1 that:

“All human beings are born and live free and equal in rights. Social separation can only be done for the common good.”

And in Article 6, which talks about equality under the law, an exception is made:

“…..All citizens are equal under the law. and in honor as well as the position and job position according to the ability of each person without discrimination of any kind except the discrimination of each person’s merits and abilities.”

She and those who study at Chula are not equal to those who do not. It is an inequality or fair discrimination that is acceptable and does not contradict the principle of equality. because discriminate against the ability to take the entrance exam It is not discrimination based on birth, gender, religion, belief, etc., which is unfair discrimination.

In addition, some areas need to encourage discrimination, especially when it comes to people with disabilities, such as people with disabilities, children, and the elderly, to treat them more than what others call positive discrimination. ) to help them be equal to others.

Next, if you’re going to make any major claims, please don’t just use your feelings. But use your knowledge instead. will not be too shallow to describe again

3) She and her men say “The symbol of feudalism is the Buddha image.” “And the procession represents the feudal culture.”

Did you know that she misused her freedom to hurt the feelings of many Thai people who still love and be loyal to the King?

Culture. Tradition is a way of life of people in a society that tells the “roots” and “base” of that society. We and Thai people are proud of Thai culture, Thai language, but with her we will avoid calling the club representatives from the Faculty of Law a “Thai language”. “Disciple”, which is a word that tells the depth of Thai culture who we teach. We think of him as both a “son” and a “disciple.” We must love and treat him like our children. We call her in the middle better than she is a “learner”, probably not (unless that person has never attended school). See, the culture and Thai language of Thai people. reflect what foreigners do not have She finds a foreign word that means “considerate”, let us see if there is any.

A cultural denial is a person who rejects their roots!!!

The British people are proud to see Queen Elizabeth II in full robes of royal robes and sit on the throne of the House of Lords, inaugurating a council meeting that has been practiced for hundreds of years. without ever denouncing it as a feudal culture On the contrary, he is proud that he has a good culture and traditions that are consistent with democratic universal values. We have never seen anyone that British traditions are backwards against universal values.

in the same way We see that the tradition of the procession of the Buddha image It is a beauty that Thai people, Thai students, are grateful to the founder of the university who uses the university’s name as its auspicious name. It is a beautiful thing both mentally and physically, especially to the Lord who abolished the feudal system by abolishing the common people and abolishing slavery. We believe that millions of other Thais would think this way. Like thousands of other Chula students who chose you as the club president.

Activities that invite Phra Kiew are therefore cultural. A tradition of showing gratitude Appreciate the Lord who gave birth to the institution that she and they are studying today. We are proud every time we see this procession like the French, Italians, Spanish people who parade the image of the Virgin Mary. A procession of the saints that he worshiped with faith It is the beauty of people who have a “root” with a “base” as their location.

It’s a pity that she used her “feelings” to decide this, instead of her “knowledge”. If you don’t use your intelligence Be aware that using feelings alone will make you a rootless, rootless, and possibly nothing more.

As for the teacher Chula who claimed to force the students in the dormitory to carry the salvage. if true Rector must correct The teacher must not use his power to dominate the learner again. If it is done for unlawful exploitation for oneself or for others The Higher Education Act, B.E. 2562, Section 72 and 78 shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of not exceeding three years or to a fine of not exceeding sixty thousand baht. or both Please don’t do it again.

Borwornsak Uwanno
A Thai person who is proud of the procession of the Buddha image.

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