Boryeong recorded a record performance last year

[의학신문·일간보사=김정일 기자] Boryeong (CEO Jang Doo-hyun) recorded the highest performance last year, with sales and operating profit growing significantly.

View from Boryeong headquarters.

According to the interim performance announcement issued by Boryeong on the 6th, sales in 2022 based on consolidated financial statements increased 21% year-on-year to KRW 760.5 billion, and operating profit increased 37% to KRW 56.6 billion.

Based on separate financial statements, last year’s sales and operating profit were recorded at 722.1 billion won and 60.3 billion won, up 21% and 20%, respectively, from the previous year, more than Boryeong’s original target of 650 billion won in annual sales and 56 billion won. in operating profit.

Based on separate financial statements, Boryeong’s sales trend last year was 170.6 billion won in the first quarter, 172.2 billion won in the second quarter, 187.7 billion won in the third quarter, and 191.6 billion won in the fourth quarter, which is the highest ever for each quarter. This upward trend in Boryeong sales has continued to record the highest performance every year for 17 years since 2005.

Boryeong’s strong performance is based on ‘establishing a stable profit structure based on a portfolio of prescription drugs focused on chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, mental illness, etc.)’ and the innovative management of CEO Jang Doo- hyun of ‘strengthening the competitiveness of the business itself’. , analyzed that the reason for that was that there was even growth in all sectors.

The Kanarb family, Boryung’s leading antihypertensive drug, offers a variety of treatment options based on a total of six lines, including one Kanarb drug (ingredient: Fimasartan), and recorded sales of KRW 130.2 billion last year, up 19% from’ the previous year.

The Kanarb family, which expanded its program with the launch of Ducarb Plus (ingredient: Fimasartan + Amlodipine + Hydrochlorothiazide), a three-drug antihypertensive drug last year, is expected to expand further this year.

The anti-cancer drug division recorded sales of KRW 160.6 billion, up 61% from the previous year. The neutropenia treatment Grassin (ingredient: filgrastim) and Neurasta (ingredient: pegfilgrastim), which Boryung started to sell together with Kyowa Kirin Korea last year, recorded sales of 17.6 billion won and 34.6 billion won, respectively that.

Samsung Bioepis biosimilars Samphenet (ingredient name trastuzumab) and OnbevG (ingredient name bevacizumab), which Boryung has sold exclusively since 2021, also increased 157% year-on-year last year to KRW 7.2 billion and KRW 421 in the that order. 19.3 billion, a % increase, and is rapidly expanding its market share.

Boryeong’s CNS (Central Nervous System) business recorded KRW 26.6 billion last year, up 127% from the previous year, focusing on Zyprexa (ingredient: olanzapine). Boryeong plans to cultivate CNS as a specialized business area focused on Zyprexa, which was capitalized as an original brand acquisition strategy.

Boryeong recorded sales of KRW 55.2 billion in the kidney disease area, up 7.8% from the previous year, and KRW 59.9 billion in sales in the cargo area, up 52% ​​from the previous year.

The OTC drug business also recorded KRW 29.8 billion last year, up 6% from the previous year, based on the growth of the Yonggaksan brand. The Yonggaksan brand grew 38% year-on-year to KRW 13 billion last year due to the spread of Omicron and increased demand for home remedies following home treatment of Corona 19.

Boryeong plans to overcome the business environment crisis and prove the sustainability of innovative growth by ‘strengthening management efficiency’ this year.

CEO Jang Doo-hyun said, “By establishing a business structure with the highest level of profitability in the industry, we will achieve 1 trillion won in sales and 200 billion won in operating profit early by 2026.” We’ll make it the year you do it.”

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