Bose Dermatology begins shingles vaccination for those in their 50s and older |

[스타데일리뉴스=황규준 기자] Boss Dermatology (Director Kim Hong-seok) announced on the 3rd that the shingles vaccine is useful for those over 50 who are more likely to get shingles.

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Bose Dermatology Director Kim Hong-seok

Shingles is a winter skin disease that causes blisters on one side of the body only. The problem is that these blisters cause pain, and in severe cases, it can make it impossible to live everyday life with more pain than childbirth.

More seriously than this, after experiencing shingles, there is a high risk of it happening again. In addition, some patients suffer from the after-effects of postherpetic neuralgia. In short, it only appears for a few months, but in the long run, a situation arises where you have to carry it for the rest of your life.

Especially after the age of 50, it is useful to pay attention to vaccination. This is because it is a time when immunity declines rapidly, so various diseases that are not usually worried can appear. Even shingles only appears when the varicella virus, which was dormant in the ganglion, is reactivated. This is also because the immune system has decreased, so it can no longer be suppressed.

Shingrix is ​​a genetically modified vaccine developed by the international pharmaceutical company GSK. Currently, it is also used in the United States, Germany, and Canada, and vaccination began in earnest in Korea this year.

However, it is not a form that prevents you from getting shingles at all. Just like a cold vaccine, even if you get shingles, it’s a form that makes it less painful or less likely to suffer from sequelae. Also, even if you have already been vaccinated with the current vaccine, you can receive additional Shingrix, so if you want a longer immune response, it is better to get vaccinated right away.

Boss Dermatology said, “All ages over 19 can fit, but it is especially recommended for those over 50.”

He added, “Once you get shingles, it’s inevitable that your quality of life will decrease.”


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