Boston Celtics comes to Los Angeles Clippers: Marcus Morris calls out on a team, as well as 10 we learned

1. Adoption of Marcus Morris.

First of all, let us look at all comments on Morris's explosive mood across this season's team.

"About me, the loss is not really," Morris said. "It's because of the attitudes we are playing with. Guys is hanging their heads. It's not just fun. It's not fun. We're not competing at a high level. While we get it, it's not fun. I see joy in the game. I look at these other teams across the series and the men are on the bench, they are jumping to the court, they are doing all these things that they feel like they are enjoying To make the most of their team members have a success, they enjoy everything, and they are playing together and they are playing to win. And when I look, just a few people can see. "

More from Morris: "We talked about it. It was a bit of a moment. But while we are a championship team, we have to change this change. We need to be very sure. That's a change, I'm with it. They're trying to get off the box starting, I get a drink, I'm with him, a man. But I'm trying to win. That's the main goal The trading deadline is over Read, this is the team we have been trying to tackle, this is what we go with. End of day, man, what we did tonight is not acceptable. It is unacceptable for excellent staff . "

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