Boston Celtics Playoffs 2019: Marcus Morris benefits from a break, he saves Celtics during the first half cold

BOSTON – Marcus Morris' story of the 2018-19 season has two distinct actions.

The first was a growth story and a partial redemption. He desperately desperately desperately played the nickname “iso-Mook,” and moved his aggressive focus to more effective shots, resulting in an early run at a 50-40-90 shot season. Initial lineup helped to make salvation for the desperate Celtics who went 10-10 over their first 20 games.

Conflict was very high in the second act. The hot hand went to brutally cold, and the same Morris hit 32 3 in December but 15 in February. Folded the isolation and forced mid-range shots, and Morris returned to the bench when Aron Baynes was healthy.

The curtain seemed to fall early on Morris' season, but some time was free, and a chance to get more minutes after Marcus Smart's injury, this story has changed.

The third action started at the first 6:20 in game 1 of the open series against the Indiana Pacers. Checking in with the Celtics down 12-6, Morris managed to tie the game at 18. In half a place where the Celtics only reached 38 points on shooting 32.5 percent, Morris stood out with 15 of those points 43% of the shooting. It also took nine of the first half of Boston free to keep the Celtics alive when they looked at terrible.

“I think it was probably beneficial for anyone out of a few of the last season's games, I think, two of the final four games,” said Brad Stevens after the match. “I thought he did a very good job and we need it.”

Morris agreed.

“Any time you get a few days off is great,” he said. "I played 70-thing games, so it was time to relax and reflect on the season and just back."

It appeared that the recharge to Morris helped him get his shot and master back, which helped Boston in this one.

“That is necessary. It could be a night for anyone in the play games. The ultimate goal is only to get W at the end of the game. No matter how you do it, ”said Kyrie Irving. “I wasn't hitting so much in the first half as well, so it really helped us keep this sort of aggressive and laying shots.”

Everyone goes through hips. The most important thing, according to Al Horford, is to continue the day-to-day preparation and be confident that he will pay for it.

“When you do all these things, and you are going through a little rose or whatever small, it will eventually come out of that,” he said. “Tonight he gave us a huge lift in the first half and it was a big difference to getting and going in the game.”

Act 3 of Marcus Morris's story will continue to be written this season as the playoffs continue. Boston is now up 1-0 after winning 84-74, but the next thing? Will it be a big, happy ending, or will it be a Greek tragedy with an NBA theme? The answer will come on time, and until then Morris has to do what he does, and he hopes that he will work.

“At the end of the day, I was a hoop,” he said, and his son in his arms held the phodium after the game. “I'm here to help the staff whatever they put me on, whatever position they put me on.”

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