Boston marijuana stores are progressing in East Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and Fenway

Five new marijuana stores could be opened in East Boston, West Midlands, Fenway, and Dorchester before the end of 2019.

The city has become well-known community agreements for the intended retailers, an essential step in state licensing that makes clear things such as working hours. It is estimated that the five stores in the four neighborhoods will receive a local final approval at the March 12 meeting of the Boston Zoning Appeals Board, per Globe& Dan Adams.

The city now has the nine host community agreements, most with retailers. The five most recent signs are for stores located at:

  • 71 Maverick Square and 251 Meridian Street in Boston Boston Post
  • 430 Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester
  • 401 Center Street in Jamaica Level
  • 120 Brookline Avenue in Fenway

When approving the agreements, the city stressed minority owners and local residents. Massachusetts voters approved marijuana displacement in 2016.

Greater 5 bigger stores get in touch with Boston, the state's clearing right [Globe]

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