Botanist Donates Nutritional Supplements to Single Parent Families for a Warm Holiday

Health Food Company Botanist Supports Single Parent Families During Chuseok

In a heartwarming effort to provide a memorable holiday experience during Chuseok, health functional food company Botanist has partnered with the One Life Welfare Foundation. This welfare organization aims to support single parent families, offering them warmth and relief during the festive season. Through their sponsorship, Botanist has generously contributed nutritional supplements worth 20 million won, specifically designed for growing children.

The Hanlife Welfare Foundation: Empowering Vulnerable Families

Dedicated to promoting the independence and happiness of single-parent families, elderly people living alone, boys and girls, and foreign families, the Hanlife Welfare Foundation plays a crucial role in nurturing the welfare of these individuals. They extend various forms of support to single mothers, single fathers, and pregnant women who may be facing challenges in raising and giving birth to children.

The nutritional supplement donated by Botanist is a jelly-like calcium children’s formula called Calvia Growth Formula. This remarkable product is a functional health food that comprises essential nutrients for children’s growth, including calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, and zinc.

Explaining their decision to support the Hanlife Welfare Foundation, a Botanist official stated, “We aim to provide warmth and positive energy to our less fortunate neighbors during the holiday season by donating items to support single-parent families. Additionally, we plan to extend our donations to the Milal Sharing Foundation, a prominent social welfare corporation.”

The official further elaborated, “Through this sponsorship, our goal is to positively impact the health and development of children from single-parent families. We are committed to actively seeking and supporting practical measures, such as facilitating employment opportunities for single parents.”

Botanist’s contribution to society not only demonstrates their dedication to fostering healthy communities but also their genuine concern for the wellbeing of vulnerable populations. By making this generous donation, they exemplify the potential for corporate social responsibility in creating a more inclusive and supportive society for all.

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Health functional food company botanistis a welfare organization that helps single parent families have a warm holiday during Chuseok. One Life Welfare Foundationannounced on the 21st that it has sponsored nutritional supplements for growing children worth 20 million won.

Hanlife Welfare Foundation is a welfare organization that supports the happy independence of unmarried single-parent families, families of elderly people living alone, families of boys and girls, and foreign families. We provide a variety of support to single mothers, single fathers, and pregnant women who are having difficulty raising and giving birth to children.

The item donated by Botanista is a jelly-like calcium children’s nutritional supplement.Calvia growth formula‘All. It is a functional health food that contains basic nutrients for growing children such as calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, and zinc.

A Botanista official said, “We decided to donate items to the Hanlife Welfare Foundation, which supports single-parent families, to provide warm warmth and bright energy to disadvantaged neighbors during the holidays. We also made a donation to the Milal Sharing Foundation, a social welfare corporation “We plan to go ahead,” he said.

He added, “With this sponsorship, we will strive to spread a good influence so that children from unmarried single parent families can grow up healthy,” and added, “We will continue to seek and support measures that will useful in practice, such as linking unmarried single parent families to employment.”

Photo = Botanista

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