Botanista Donates 20 Million Worth of Nutritional Supplements to Single-Parent Families for Chuseok Celebration

Botanista’s Generous Contribution to Single-Parent Families: A Celebration of Chuseok

By Hwang Choi Hyun-joo, Reporter at SISACAST

In a heartwarming act of kindness, Botanista, a prominent company in the wellness industry, has donated nutritional supplements worth 20 million to support growing children from single-parent families. This generous gesture was made through the Hanlife Welfare Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to providing assistance to various groups in need.

The purpose behind this donation was to ensure that single-parent families, particularly those facing challenging circumstances, can enjoy a warm and joyful Chuseok, a significant Korean holiday. The Hanlife Welfare Foundation, known for its commitment to promoting the well-being and independence of unmarried single-parent families, elderly individuals living alone, and families with children or foreigners, gratefully received the contribution from Botanista.

Single-parent families often face unique difficulties in raising their children, especially when it comes to providing them with adequate nutrition. Recognizing this struggle, Botanista made it a priority to provide health functional foods that would offer essential nutrients for growing children. The donated item, ‘Calvia Growth Formula,’ is a jelly-like supplement enriched with vital ingredients such as calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, and zinc, all crucial for the healthy development of young ones.

In addition to supporting single-parent families, Botanista aims to spread warmth and positivity to disadvantaged individuals within the community during holiday seasons. As part of this commitment, the company plans to extend their charitable efforts by donating to the Milal Sharing Foundation, a well-regarded social welfare corporation.

Botanista’s benevolent initiative not only emphasizes their dedication to the well-being of children but also showcases their corporate social responsibility. By donating to organizations like the Hanlife Welfare Foundation, they are making a significant impact on the lives of those facing hardship, providing a glimmer of hope and assistance.

We commend Botanista for their compassion and generosity, which both inspire and set an excellent example for other companies in their industry. Through their unwavering support, they are making a difference in the lives of countless individuals, bringing about a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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(Current Affairs Cast, SISACAST = Reporter Hwang Choi Hyun-joo) Botanista donated 20 million worth of nutritional supplements to growing children through the Hanlife Welfare Foundation, a welfare organization, on the 21st to celebrate Chuseok so that single-parent families can married spend the holidays warmly even in difficult situations.

Hanlife Welfare Foundation is a welfare organization that supports the happy independence of unmarried single parent families, elderly families living alone, families of children and foreigners, etc.

Single parent families are families that have children and become parents at a young age, and Botanista provided health functional foods that can provide basic nutrition to growing children to help parents raise their children healthy.

The item donated by Botanista is ‘Calvia Growth Formula’, a jelly-like children’s calcium nutritional supplement It is a health functional food containing essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, and zinc for growing children .

Botanista decided to donate goods to the Hanlife Welfare Foundation, which supports single parent families, to provide warm warmth and bright energy to disadvantaged neighbors during the holiday season. The company also plans to donate to the Milal Sharing Foundation, a social welfare corporation. [시사캐스트]

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