Both sides raised arguments Farm Laws | Farmers Protest

New Delhi: The seventh round of talks between the central government and farmers protesting against the agrarian law has failed. The central government has said it will not repeal agricultural laws. No decision was taken on the need for legislation to ensure support prices. At the same time, the farmers’ organizations said that the strike would be intensified and expanded.

The meeting will be held again on January 8. The farmers began to fast. Despite much discussion, the farmers’ representatives remained silent at the meeting as the government did not change its stand. Representatives of the organization were of the opinion that it was enough to say whether the laws could be withdrawn or not.

The seventh phase of discussion between the Central Government and the farmers on the controversial Agriculture Act took place. Farmers are adamant that the central government’s agricultural laws should be repealed. Both sides raised their arguments during the discussion on withdrawing the law. The head of the trade board assured that farmers would not lose their lands under the new rules.

BJP leader and Uttar Pradesh businessman Kalyan Board chairman Ravikant Garg said the allegation that the central government’s rules would deprive farmers of farmland was baseless. The former minister also claimed that the government was protecting farmers’ lands through legislation.

English Summary: Seventh round of talks between Centre and farmers



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