Bottega Veneta Summer 23 show designed by Gaetano Pesce.

“The result of this work is to pay homage to differences. It undoubtedly belongs to humanity. because every human being is different. If someone says that all human beings are the same, fuck them! we are different And that is what defines our values. Otherwise, we are no different from copies. One of the design ideas this time was based on the fact that we are all unique,” says Gaetano Pesce.

“Gaetano once said to me: “When you get me You must think of ‘Dewch Stai?’ (which means are you okay?) and you have to answer ‘Tutto Bene!’ (which means I’m right!). Gaetano and that is the origin of the name of the chair,” says Mattieu Blazy.

Gaetano Pesce, architect, designer and humanist artist, is an influential figure in every field he is involved with. He is a versatile figure and always comes up with designs outside the box. Despite being in the industry for more than seven decades He continued his creativity and refused to be limited in the framework. His numerous private and public worldwide works testify that he is an experimental artist who refuses to let the monotony be part of his work. whether in the field of architecture urban planning interior design industrial design and exhibition design

In this innovative show led by Bottega Veneta’s creative director, Matthieu Blazy, Pesce was released to create a temporary art space to be fully part of the Summer ’23 fashion show. The floor of the venue is an intricately designed resin floor that contains a total of 400 chairs, each redesigned by Pesce, making each unique and unique. This is also his new chair design over the years. It also reflects the image of a man sitting on each Chair Dewch Stai? This series is made from cotton canvas with cloth dipped in resin paint. Some even include hand-drawn drawings.

Each one is unique and part of ‘Diversity Work’ appears in other pieces too The 400 chairs will be exhibited and sold at Design Miami (30 November – 4 December).
“As a designer I create unique works. It is not monotonous work. That’s the old way of working. My work is a new way of working. This is what fashion companies gave me a clearer picture for this project. This is a political message. And the medium that sends this message is not a museum or a gallery. Who created the culture in this age? A museum or a fashion company? This is food for the brain. It is not a matter of business or profit trading. If we see things that repeat every day It is not different from death,” concluded Gaetano Pesce.



“The world is a small room: this simple concept is the source of a complete collection of individuality. which was transferred through the territory of Gaetano Pesce in this country Two worlds will be parallel to each other. As we continue to create works that focus on movement and the ultimate in power,” says Matthieu Blazy.

According to Gaetano Pesce, “This work of homage to difference is undoubtedly humanity. because every human being is different. If someone says that all human beings are the same, fuck them! we are different And that is what defines our values, otherwise we are no different from a copy. This design idea is based on the fact that we are all unique.”

Beyond Gaetano Pesce’s backstory, Creative Director Matthieu Blazy continues to create a strong legacy of creativity with a unique style and age-based variety. It comes from the collection released in the previous season.

The story of self and dress is what is defined by the creator and the wearer, which is a rich exchange. The melody of movement and the feeling that results from that balances with the inherent ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​and rather than visible to the eye characteristic of the quiet power of personal satisfaction. As luxurious and functional side by side, it permeates everyday life with the materials and inventive craftsmanship that characterize the craftsmanship of Italian artisans. with functionality and gimmicks This classic has been redesigned to suit a wide range of personalities. From contrasts and wanderings to conventional ideas and from old-fashioned to simplicity through movement, stimulation, fascination and life: where has this self arrived and where will it continue? anyway this identity will continue to move forward. And the journey this season has been better than ever.

The glamorous and attractive girl transformed Italian style in a plaid dress and chinos (with an embellished nubuck print) worn with a sleek and bright cross-body bag (The traditional interpretation of Intreccio weaving technique is to weave difference and break out of the norm .which flows in a changing context) to a girl in fur. (Again using the fox print printing technique on sheepskin this time); then to the men and women wearing reflective striped suits. The clearest and largest creation ever seen (inspired by the artist and sculptor Boccioni) has been enhanced to become more fluid and luxurious with a knotted weaving technique. which is also found in shoes); for the gentlemen and ladies who find another concept outside the traditional box (neo-noir, transitional or ’70s concept of the future of the past, revealed through a soft funnel neck and ribbed cuffs). with volcano construction) woven with freshness and care to achieve lightness, strength, weaving and special fabrics for men and women by fine weaving the fabric as a buckle (boucle), new style, using mouliné threads in contrasting colors. Including advanced ‘high sewing’ weaving and sewing techniques, as if creating floral patterns on ‘Chandelier’ evening dresses from the Middle Ages. The inventive tactic of embroidery in cotton crepe on modern nylon is to unite the past and the future. The shades of history are revealed in the Jacquards, as a subtle Futurist motif, each garment woven and decorated in detail by hand. Make the difference and uniqueness obvious. It combines the past, present and future through craftsmanship perfectly.

The concept of travel and emotional activities is supported by special music composed by Afrodeutsche. The expression of the individual is important, and perhaps what defines the true position of Bottega Veneta, which is that we invest in spiritual objects in our lives. and meaning in every opportunity

“By comparing traditional style with people through clothes and persona, I wanted to design an outfit that wasn’t just for a man or a woman. but suitable for all men and women It is a journey of everyday wear that uses materials such as nubuck leather for attractive tailoring. From the designs of freedmen from the past to a monument to seasoned travelers… The whole world in a small room,” says Matthieu Blazy.

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