Bounce off 6 highway cops for truck stickers Pass the exam for the last 2 years. Dan Chang receives tribute.

Lt Commissioner of Highways to call the police 5-6, Mr Aew pays for stickers to help government officials within 1-2 days, believes there are more. to examine 50 weighing checkpoints that have had problems receiving tribute for the past 2 years

June 6, 2023 – Pol Maj Gen Jaroon Pankaew, head of DEA and Acting Commander of the Royal Thai Navy, calls a meeting of the Central Audit Office’s investigative team. investigate a case where a truck sticker tribute was requested After all parties have received information to decide on investigation and prosecution guidelines for those involved.

Pol Maj Gen revealed. Charoonkiat before attending the meeting that he will come today to summarize the information he ordered. and Police Lieutenant General Jirapob Puridet, head of the Central Investigation Police. Ordered to use the power of the Central Investigation Center to participate fully in the investigation of this case. According to preliminary information, it is believed that there must be police involved. And if it is found to be any person, administrative, disciplinary and criminal action will be taken without exception. to make the Highway Patrol Division more transparent And it will be clear this week who will be involved.

Regarding the case where news of a rabbit sticker says that the wife of the deputy chief of the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police as a manufacturer to contact that truck Police Major General Jaroonkiat said that he is still waiting for this information to support his investigation. but it must also be fair to the accused party

for the work of this investigation. Confirm that you will not be overwhelmed. intended to solve the problem and fairness to the Confederation of Trucks and the accused police In terms of information Mr. Wiroj Lakkhana Adisorn, the MP for the Kao Klai Party list, who came out to reveal various information The investigation team also contacted the information to be used in the investigation. and waiting for official information to come again

after the meeting Police Major General Jaroonkiat further revealed that Currently, 5-6 highway patrol officers are involved in this matter. Prepare to be called to help the government within 1-2 days, and if evidence of clear crimes is found, prosecutions will be taken in accordance with the procedure. As for the behavior of the police, this set has yet to be revealed. But initially it was an inquiry from the victim. which gives benefits and falls within the scope of wrongdoing And believe there will be more than 6 offenders, but ask for time for the investigation team to gather clear evidence first which, if they involve anyone, will prosecute them all

Regarding the results of the verification of the tribute information of each subdivision of The highway patrol has sent a report. pending data validation And the established investigative series will investigate side by side as well. Today we have also given an investigative set. Went to check in more than 50 highway patrol stations across the country, especially cursing the weight technician who had complaints about tribute stickers. It will check back up to 2 years and report the results as soon as possible.

In the case of the wife of the deputy chief of the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police Making stickers for trucks Investigators have information. But it’s another part to research alongside. In this investigative series the highway patrol unit will be first.

While the police are still waiting for information from Mr Wiroj Lakkhana Adisorn, Kao Klai Party MP. and the Trucking Confederation Submit the information to check with the National Inspector General of Police on June 8th, then when the information is obtained, it will be combined with the investigation team. And will refer the matter to the police to prevent corruption and misconduct or the PPP for further prosecution