Bouncing lightning, Royal Thai Navy commander pays tribute to “Wiroj” EASY PASS sticker, mockingly tweets sitting on shit

The Commander-in-Chief moves urgently the commander of highways Professor APA Having met the subject, he asked to be transferred himself to show his sincerity. At the same time, “Luang Ta Tao”, the Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission, was assigned to hold another position on the highway to ensure transparency and credibility. On the other hand, “Jarayhin” ordered “Big Den” to order police inspectors across the country to collect information in tribute to truck stickers, revealing the new Police Act. for the first time to invite The Royal Thai Police includes ombudsmen, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police officers at the level of the manager up, etc. participate in the consideration of “Wirot”, mocking tweets, the police know in their hearts like sitting on shit. The stench is wafted all over. Don’t you want to wash your ass yet?

In the case of Mr Wiroj Lakkhana-Adisorn, the MP for the Kao Klai Party list, he came out to expose the issue of truck stickers using the word Easy Pass so that trucks could run on the road network throughout the country with money in No less than ten billion a year, mainly targeting the highway patrol until Pol Gen Kittipraphat The chief police chief ordered highway patrol officers and inspectors to investigate the facts urgently. while the Ministry of Transport has also ordered inspections and urged 97 Highways Department checkpoints across the country to be stricter As reported by the news

Most recently, at 1:30 pm on May 30 at the National Police Office, Pol’s truck. Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat Chief Police Commander this morning After a complaint from Mr. Wiroj Lakkhana Adisorn, the Member of Parliament on the party list for the Kao Klai Party who came out to highlight the information Today, police inspectors across the country have been ordered to visit the area. to gather information and evidence He will also have to invite Mr Viroj and the President of the Thai Truck Confederation. Including the highway patrolman who was accused of being involved in accepting a tribute to provide information.

Pol Gen said. Visanu that This review process is the first time that the Police Complaints Review Committee, or Royal Thai Police, includes ombudsmen, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police officers at commander level and above. The provincial representative of the Tambon Community Organization Council and the National Inspector General of Police As a committee and secretary, a total of 10 people came to consider Confidence that the examination will be intensive. I want society to have confidence in the investigation which will be able to give fairness to those who are given this fact-checking process without delay. because it has to be considered through a panel that includes experts from different sectors to be able to respond to society And after the committee has made a decision, there will be a clear penalty. And he will send the matter to the agency supervisor for immediate punishment. Expect to know the outcome of the investigation within 15 days.

However, although Mr Wiroj did not travel to provide information that had been disclosed the police were not silent. By bringing different testimonies that the Inspector General has visited all parts of the country to collect for the committee to consider, If it is found to be wrong, decisive action will be taken against all police officers in question.

Regarding the movement of Mr. Wiroj Lakkhana Adisorn, party list MP of the Kao Klai Party, who came out to post on Facebook to expose a group of entrepreneurs complaining about sending evidence about truck stickers On the same day, Mr Virot continued to tweet messages on Twitter stating that The policeman’s response respected said If any people come across the tribute, let me know and I will deal with it. It is no different from the sentence that says If you see hair dirt, let me know. I’m going to wash my ass sitting on dirt I have a gun in my heart Everyone could smell the stench everywhere. When sitting, it is slippery. Don’t you think you’re going to wash your own butt? Paying homage to the highways for ten years, from the chief of police and the chief of highways. also captain If you really don’t know, it’s better to ask to transfer yourself to someone who knows how to do it. But if you know in your heart Let’s speed up the problem. Do not set up a time buying committee. Don’t answer stupid questions. Make a joke that the public has to laugh at.

Later, at 6:00 pm, it was reported that Pol. Lt. Gen. Jiraphop Puridet, SEC Commander, signed an order from the Central Bureau of Investigation No. 172/2566, dated May 30, 2023, for Gen. Maj. Ekaraj Limsangkat, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, went to work at the Central Investigation Headquarters Operations Center. At the same time, Pol Lt Gen signed. Jiraphop also Order 173/2566 dated May 30, 2023 for Pol. Maj. Gen. Jaroonkiat Pankaew, PPP Commander acting as representative of another Post of Navy Sgt. From now on until the procedure is changed, so that the investigation into all matters will be transparent without ambiguity from society.

About the origin of this relocation It happens after the current criticism on the issue. Pol Maj Gen decided. Ekaraj, as commander of the Royal Thai Navy, one of the agencies mentioned, met. Pol. Lieutenant Gen. Jirapob to request that he be relocated to the Operations Center. The Central Investigation Center to show openness about what happened selected cases Pol Maj Gen took. Jaroonkiat the position of Acting Commander of the Royal Thai Navy along with another position because Pol. Corruption in various government agencies coming to duty will at this point help fact check It is accepted without ambiguity by society.

Also, ordered Pol Lt. Gen. Jirapob the appointment of Mr Y Maj Gen. Wiwat Chaisangkha, deputy commissioner of the National Police Service, is the head of the working group. Check the facts of the case in question in another way.

On the same day, at the solicitor’s office, No. 194, Soi Ramintra 52/1, Ramintra Subdistrict, Khan Na Yao District, Bangkok. Revealed such issues too In the past, his office had always received complaints. Most of them are delivery trucks around Bangkok. but still unable to do much Because this is a movement with government officials involved. The side of the truck had to give way. because it has to be overloaded in order to achieve a large number of cycles but leads to more cost This story has been useful to the police and some government officials. The highway patrol commander said no. but in fact it has been quite controversial The collection of tribute is done openly. Why didn’t your commander know? Beneficial to this tribute sticker From what I have received complaints that it will be an easy pass that makes the truck not lean and is not caught, making it move. It’s hard to get caught and the rewards are huge. To solve the problem is difficult, believing that these funds should have a horse account to manage and receive sticker money. making it difficult to inspect


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