Bow Melda reveals his heart to Alek, exactly the specification of everything Saying that I have only him (clip)


Alec told him to flirt with us?

“Just as he said.”

What form did he come in?

“It came as everyone saw, slowly getting to know each other.”

How was the show going?

“Good, well taken care of, good food.”

When did you first realize that he was flirting?

“Oh, this kind of thing, you know.”

Does he have anything special for us than his friends?

“I don’t know what it’s like when he’s with his friends.”

What about when he is with us?

Is it easy to get along with us?

“It’s easy to get along with.”

He said he didn’t want to be single anymore?

“It’s up to his brother.”

What if he said he would go forward with full speed?

“Wait and watch, wait and see, gradually, gradually, not wanting to accelerate, we gradually”

If he’s ready, we’re ready, right?

“If he’s ready, we’re ready together (laughs).”

Are you embarrassed now?

“Well, when I walked in, I didn’t think you guys would come together like this.”

Have we talked to him? How will we both answer each other today?

“I know I have a job. But it’s about the interview. no longer prepped because he can’t be a tadpole, forget it.”

Are we surprised by his answer? That he dared to say that?

“There are brothers typing and saying that they say this. We are wow.”

How did he respect us?

“Yes, it’s a good person.”

Why are you open to trying to talk to him?

“I feel that We don’t have to dwell on anything that makes us feel sad. Or does it cause suffering? what makes us happy I think we just live with it.”

How have you been talking in the past 2 months?

“Two months already? probably about that I’m happy.”

Where do you click?

“I think we keep getting to know each other. And when we got to know each other, there were only good things coming in, so I felt that if we continued to talk. should always be happy.”

We’re funny, he’s troll, how is it when we’re together?

“Like a group It’s like watching a group of some kind.”

He said that sometimes he couldn’t keep up with our jokes?

“Mook may be of different ages (laughs)”

Encouragement from the people around you Does it affect our decisions?

“Actually, at first I didn’t know how impressed people were with our couple. It’s starting to look more like a conversation. I did not agree to any position or something like that get to know each other more It’s a time to learn.”

Is he netting?

“There will probably be some time with something that makes you happy. Everyone will be a child.”

What is it called now?

What do you call us now?

“Nong Bow”

Does he make a second sound when calling?

“It’s normal, not that big.”

How long have you decided? who came out on the show with Alek Then there was a bit of news coming out?

“I haven’t thought for a long time. Well, we’ve already watched his show. I felt that it was an interesting item. I could eat too, eat for free, and go on a trip. We didn’t do anything at all. Let’s sit down and eat.”

Do your friends have a beau invite?

“No. (Where’s the name of the good people?) We are also good people.”

Is there any pressure now that people are quite watching us?

“At first, I didn’t put any pressure on it. When we started talking more like people who knew before us Hey, he’s dating. He has to be like this moment. I’m like, hmm. I know that again. It’s only just begun. It started not long ago. It’s pressure. After this, there will be pressure. because everyone expected Don’t expect it.”

Still haven’t agreed to be a girlfriend yet?

“Yes, still.”

Alexandre said Bow was an easy-going, funny person. So how is Alec in Bow’s eyes?

“It’s similar. It’s easy to laugh. Sometimes we play something. Laughed, he didn’t understand.”

Who’s funnier?

“Probably a rat Because of me?”

Is he on the specs?

“It’s cute (that’s exactly because I’ve been interviewed that the specs are tall, white, tee) (smiles)”

Interview with James Ji and then lose the name, how?

“Actually, it was a situation that was before that. Talk about his brother. So it’s like I’m still thinking about that in my head. So I had to say it.”

Really, in your head or in your mind?

How shy is she?

“Shocked, didn’t act right, and didn’t think he would go down (laughs).”

James Ji knows, do you have any advice?

“No, he teases his lips as if he said Alek, Alek, like a hint. Like this, I put it on until I’m like it fills my head, so I accidentally said it. That’s it. My heart has only him.”

Like we only thought of him, so he accidentally called me?

“At that time I only thought of him (laughs). No, it only thought of him. Because everyone is always teasing things like this. The kind of people who agree with Uncle Lek.”


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