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January 11, 2022 – 12:41

Actress “Bowie Attama” takes off on a trip to “Spain”. This event, she updated the situation of the covids there. Revealed that entering Spain, no need to detain, but friends wonder who the mysterious man in the picture is?

After not flying across the country to go on vacation for 2 years, at the end of last year, on December 20, the beautiful actress “Bowie Atma Chewanichphan” took the opportunity to pack a suitcase for a 20-day trip to Spain, which traveled. She returned to Thailand on January 8, and is now in quarantine for 7 days, strictly following Thai public health measures. Recently, she posted a photo while traveling in Spain with the caption:

“Update the situation here. There is no quarantine when entering Spain (no PCR testing is required upon arrival). Quite a lot of tourists. Talked to the seller, he said that he had been silent for a year. I’m glad that it’s a bit busier lately because there are a lot of people visiting. The part-time workers who talked (Take care of the bull yard) got off work for 1 year, just got back to work because there are tourists. he is very happy Because during the time off, even the state gives money But it’s not quite enough either. Check the number of infected people in Spain is high. Hundreds of thousands of people per day on average But the people here still looked quite chill. (Probably because I understand that Omicron is not severe), but some cities have announced curfews. Do not leave the house after midnight (eg Barcelona). People here are quite strict about wearing masks. come out and put Wherever you enter, there are officers who are constantly spying on masks. (But seeing it in the restaurant, it’s all taken off as well.) End of the report first, but that’s it, Bowie Atma reported.

Ouch! About the situation of covid in Spain, many people are interested, but what everyone is interested in seems to be a picture of Mysterious young man who is standing with their backs at Bowie’s girl who posted here who is she? Which has close friends such as “Jip Pokchat, Mali Coat, Koi Korakot, Aum Thira, Pai Sitang, and many others have continually commented to tease each other.

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