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Today June 22ndBowling dayIs. Bowling was introduced to Japan on June 22, 1861, and it seems that a bowling salon opened in the foreign settlement in Nagasaki at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.

from now161 years agoI can’t hide my surprise in the history beyond my imagination, but today is a special anniversary. So, I would like to send “Bowling is there” in 50 consecutive shots. Please at once!

[A certain 50 bowling barrage]

1. Men and women of all ages can enjoy
2. Bowling, not bowling
3. Garter, not garter
4. There are fewer shops than in the past
5. Round One comes to mind immediately
6. When I go to the bowling alley in the summer, I tend to forget my socks
7. I don’t know the weight of the ball that suits me
8. I’ll take the heaviest one for the time being → It’s too heavy
9. Immediately before throwing, the number of steps increases strangely
10. Difficulty of solo play
11. MV on monitor
12. Boom generation (60-80s) is generally good
13. There is a lane where the elderly are throwing alone
14. That person is really good
15. My ball, my shoes
16. I am worried about what name to throw by entering the name of the receptionist
17. Tends to be a strange name
18. It tends to be a team battle rather than an individual battle
19. Handicap for women
20. Men tend to throw power balls that emphasize speed
21. There are people who make curves
22. If you get tired of it, there are people who throw it in the opposite direction
23. Furthermore, throwing both hands
24. Sometimes a child’s ball stops in the middle of the lane
25. The clerk rescues with a ninja-like movement
26. The position of the chair to sit on after pitching changes every time
27. My ball gets lost
28. In such a case, determine by the position of the scratch on the ball.
29. If you don’t cut your nails properly, your nails will crack.
30. If you’re not careful, you’ll fall after pitching
31. I like the place where the wind in the ball storage area comes out
32. Hold your hand over it to dry
33. I don’t know if it’s good
34. If the flow is bad, try wiping the ball
35. The body leans according to the trajectory of the ball
36. When a strike comes out, it tends to be a high touch
37. Wither if you put out gutter in the early stages
38. Even if you try to kill only one with a split, the ball passes cleanly between them
39. It’s awkward if the timing to throw next to you suffers
40. I haven’t had enough time until the second throw
41. Fun first game
42. 2 games are not enough
43. But mysteriously, I get tired of playing 3 games
44. If you do more than that, the next day myalgia
45. I still don’t know what kind of face to turn after defeating the pin
46. Aim for the time being score 100
47. “A feeling of being able to do it” comes out from around the score 170
48. I’m going to throw it straight, but the ball goes to a completely different direction
49. Sometimes I want to do insane bowling
50. Somehow bowling is interesting

Reference link: Saitama Bowling Ground Association
Written by: Takashi Harada

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