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Beijing time:2022-09-23 09:54

[NTDTV, amser Beijing, Medi 23, 2022]The highest grossing movie “Avatar” in movie history will officially release its sequel “Avatar 2: The Way of Water” this December, 13 years after its release. Actor Worthington’s spoiler for the new film tells a story about protecting a family. Let’s see together.

Following the film “Avatar” that took the world by storm 13 years ago, the sequel “The Way of Water” will be released in US theaters on December 16, bringing audiences back to the world of Pandora again .

Actor Sam Worthington: “This love story has evolved and we now have families. For me, this film is about protecting your family, close family or not, a lot of relationships need to be protected. And it’s protection is very important. … and protecting the planet our family lives on.”

He said that “Avatar 2” will feel familiar to audiences, but it is by no means a rerun of the first one.

Actor Sam Worthington: “Director Cameron is going to take you out of the rainforest. The first film is to introduce this culture (yes). Then in the second film, we promote this culture and look at other races , and the rest of the earth.”

Worthington said that director Cameron had sharpened his sword in ten years and carefully polished the new script. In order to express the work better, the director once wrote an excessively complete script.

Actor Zoe Saldana: “It’s a process. I have a lot of respect for an artist like that, and for someone like that, they need time. He’s a craftsman. He needs time.”

“Avatar” was the highest-grossing film of all time with more than $2.8 billion worldwide. The film will also be re-released from September 23, allowing fans to relive the classics.

Comprehensive report by NTD reporter Li Jiayin

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