Boy Pakorn Chaechat, younger brother, greeted me to crush !! After being suspected, go to Krabi with Faye?

Boy Pakorn revealed that his younger brother, Phat Chatborirak, greeted him and asked if he went to Krabi? After there was a clip at the airport with Faye FFK until people caught the eye

Photo from Instagram boy_pakorn

made many people watch After there is a clip of a person who looks like Boy Pakorn and Faye FFK at the airport with the moment walking together. Look after each other very well. Before the young lady Faye posted an IG Story that she was in Krabi. So people wondered if they went together or not. Is this a status update or not?

Read the news: Clear clip! Good eyes see Boy Pakorn and Faye at the airport or will the status be promoted?

Picture from tiktiok hapiza93

Picture from tiktiok hapiza93

Most recently (December 3, 2021), Boy Pakorn has come out to move about this. By revealing a message from the chat that Phat Chatborirak greeted me to tease that “Hey Boy, did you go to Krabi?” even though they are in the same house Which in the chat, the person replied that “Wow 5555”

In this event, Boy Pakorn also posted the caption that “Eh, are we in the same house? @cmcamel #sleep dry at home everyone” It was clearly clear that I didn’t go to Krabi as many people suspected. But there are still fans who come and tease that they didn’t go to Krabi. But actually going to the airport? This means that I’m going to deliver. I’m at home, but my heart is in Krabi or not, hehe.


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