‘Boycott cricket’ backfires’; KCA said that Rahul Dravid was shocked when he heard that only 5000 tickets were sold

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Cricket Association reiterated that the minister’s comments were the reason for the decline in the number of people attending the third ODI match between India and Sri Lanka held at Kariyavattam. People responded to the minister’s comment. People don’t know that KCA is the organizer of the competition. The president of the association, Jayesh George, said that people think that the competition is organized by the government.

It was a great game to watch, and if the spectators had been there, hundreds would have been happy. The social media campaign called ‘Boycott Cricket’ backfired. Few people know that the tournament is organized by the Kerala Cricket Association. Most people think that the competition is run by the government. So when such a comment comes, people naturally react to it,’ says Jayesh.

The KCA explained to the BCCI that the Pongal exams, Sabarimala, and the fact that India won the series early were the reasons for the drop in attendance. He said that people including India coach Rahul Dravid were shocked when they heard that only 5000 tickets were sold. Jayesh George added that he cannot blame his government and his minister in front of BCCI.

STORY HIGHLIGHTS: KCA president said the lowest number of spectators was a result of the sports minister’s comment