Bracketology: Virginia contains seed No. 1 and staff at the bottom of the bracket are hardly hanging

NCAA selection committee show their top 16 On the morning of Saturday, and as always, it was roasted before the day ended. Of course, we had two Nos 1 series playing with each other, so one of them must lose. In this case, Virginia dropped again to Duke, although he did not affect his presence on my bracket.

Virginia was the only team in the top 12 of the selection committee to lose on Saturday.

Top seeds in the latest Bacetics

[Check out Palm’s full bracket with all 68 seeds and the first four four teams out on ourĀ Bracketology page]

Three three seeds come

Seeds have not exceeded. 4 the committee as well. Nevada was the only winner among that group with losing Iowa State, Wisconsin and Louisville within one hour of the announcement of the committee.


Iowa State Loss at home TCU in a game that was much more important to the Horned Frogs than the Circles. TCU was hanging around the bottom of the brackets due to lack of quality wins, especially from home. The Frogs are safer now.

Wisconsin lost at No. Michigan's 2nd half, and although this is not a loss of harm, there was a slight fall in Broker in the bracket. Louisville lost Florida State in overtime and also set down one line.

Texas Tech, LSU and Iowa refused to replace the seeds No. 4 lost.

Strong races in A-10, MAC

The bottom of the bracket was harder to fill out losses by Davidson and Bowling Green. Both teams were in the barracks as the leaders of the 10th and Middle American Atlantic conferences respectively, but they are not big candidates. They lost their losses in contact with VCU and Buffalo, now in the bracket as automatic qualifiers.

Open the door for two more teams that may be in the runner that is not yet the case. From the seeds No. 10 down, we have teams with bad faults that could be achieved during next month

Earlier in downturn

Oklahoma lost, seed No. 11, four in a row after falling to Texas Tech. The problem with that streak is that there were three of the four games at home. Now, three of them are on the road at the Shorters, starting with games at TCU and Baylor. You must be surprised when the first win comes from the OU.

Owls hanging on

Temple, who is the only team to beat Houston so far this season, discovered at Tulsa. Unfortunately, that is not the worst loss of the eyes. They also lost Penn at home. Temple boundary is reduced for error and seed status No. 12 and one of the latest four teams.

Great one with the other for Sun Devils

State of Arizona made its way out of the Fourth Quarter to give its first Pac-12 season to Washington. After the worst win at Sun Devils, a loss of 91-70 at home to Washington State. That is the bulk of Arizona State season included in a week. Transfer ASU up to seed No. 11.

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