Bragg succeeds in impeaching Trump, the first black Manhattan District Attorney for the Democratic Party

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‘Son of Harlem’ who served as a federal prosecutor with Harvard University… At the start of his inauguration, he was lukewarm about ‘prosecution’

From the Trump Organization lawsuit … Prelude as a guide for ‘refrain from incarceration’ amid public safety instability

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg

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(New York = Yonhap News) Reporter Kang Geon-taek = On the 30th (local time), the attention of American society is focused on Alvin Bragg (49), Manhattan District Attorney in New York City, who completed the criminal prosecution oy former President Donald Trump.

The Manhattan grand jury made up of ordinary citizens decided to indict, but it was because of the qualities of Prosecutor Bragg that he was able to persuade the jury by raising criminal charges against former President Trump.

This made him go down in history as the first chief prosecutor in the United States to criminally prosecute a former or current president. In January of last year, he was inaugurated as the first black man in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and made history once again.

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and The Guardian, Prosecutor Bragg was born in Harlem, New York in October 1973 and grew up there until adolescence.

Introducing himself as a ‘son of Harlem’ in his autobiography, he graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law School and has been in the public sector.

After serving as Director of Litigation and Investigations for the New York City Council, he was appointed a prosecutor in the Southern District Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, where he investigated white collar crime and public corruption cases for several years.

After that, he moved to the New York State Attorney General’s office, where he led a division investigating police-involved deaths of unarmed civilians, and then led a civil lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, the former president’s charitable foundation. President Trump, and forming a “bad relationship” with Trump.

In this lawsuit, former President Trump pleaded guilty to misappropriating public funds from the foundation and was ordered by the court to pay $2 million to the foundation.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg

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After a fierce inter-party primary as a member of the Democratic Party, he defeated the Republican candidate in the November 2, 2021 election and was elected Manhattan District Attorney.

One of the biggest reasons former President Trump, as well as his Republican Party, claims this investigation is a ‘political investigation’ is based on his membership in the Democratic Party.

Bragg continued his bad relationship with Trump while inheriting various investigations involving former President Trump that had been abandoned for years by his predecessor, District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Even in the early days of his inauguration, the former prosecutor’s office showed a lukewarm response to the prosecution, saying the investigation was ‘inadequate’, and two prosecutors in charge resigned.

Old colleagues analyze that this could be due to his personality, who prepares each case carefully and in detail and is directly involved in each one.

On the other hand, the WSJ reported that even if his safety was at stake, he is also evaluated as a courageous prosecutor who does not shy away from political ripples and pushes forward with what he decide it.

Bragg, who was examining the case carefully without haste, found a breakthrough by raising the suspicion of paying money to hush up the sex scandal, which former District Attorney General Vance had left in review’ r prosecution.

Although the misconduct by ex-President Trump is only a misdemeanor that it is a ‘legal consulting fee’ while paying the hush money to company expenses, it is another crime (breaking the electoral law) in the sense that it is an act to prevent exposure to sexuality. scandal before the presidential election of 2016. A new logic developed that the manipulation of corporate documents to cover up is tantamount to a felony.

However, there are also pessimistic prospects that this indictment, which combines violations of federal election law and the manipulation of New York state corporate documents, could be dismissed by the court or that it is difficult to plead guilty as it is almost unprecedented.

Regardless of Trump’s case, the progressive Prosecutor Bragg gave instructions to prosecutors at the start of his inauguration not to seek prison sentences unless they were very violent crimes such as murder or sex crimes. He also drew a backlash from citizens who was there.

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