Brandenburg | AfD reaches new peak

Around 12 percent of the vote separates the SPD and AfD in Brandenburg. The AfD has more support in the state than ever before.

A year before the state elections, the AfD enjoys by far the most support among those eligible to vote in Brandenburg. This emerges from the BrandenburgTrend by “infratest dimap” on behalf of rbb24 Brandenburg aktuell and Antenne Brandenburg.

Accordingly, the AfD would get 32 ​​percent of the vote if there were a state election in Brandenburg on Sunday. That is almost 9 percent more than in the last BrandenburgTrend in April and is therefore the AfD’s previous record in Brandenburg.

In the last state election in 2019, the party took second place with almost 23.5 percent of the vote behind the SPD, which received 26.5 percent of the vote. The SPD’s current approval ratings show that this could change in the coming state elections: with almost 20 percent of the vote, it is currently a good 12 percent behind the AfD. 38 percent of those surveyed would also have no problem if the AfD were involved in the state government in the future.

AfD and Left supporters in particular would welcome Wagenknecht’s party

According to the survey, the CDU is in third place with 18 percent of the vote. The Greens and the Left are tied at 8 percent. The BVB/Free Voters would also come into the state parliament with 6 percent. The FDP would no longer overcome the five percent hurdle with 4 percent of the vote.

Brandenburg voters were also open to the possible founding of a new party under the leadership of left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht. 44 percent of Brandenburg residents would find this a good thing, 37 percent are skeptical. The plans are viewed particularly positively among AfD supporters (57 percent), BVB/Free Voters supporters (54 percent) and potential Left Party voters (53 percent).

For the representative survey, 1,160 eligible voters in Brandenburg were surveyed from September 8th to 11th.


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