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Brave Girls “If the new song ‘Drinking Habit’ is successful, I want to solidify my position” [N인터뷰]

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The trending girl group BraveGirls is back.

Brave Girls will release their 5th mini repackage album ‘After ‘We Ride’ on various music sites at 6 pm on the 23rd. This album is a repackage album of the 5th mini album ‘Summer Queen’. It contains a total of four songs, including the remix version of ‘FEVER’ (Saturday Night Fever) and ‘Summer Alone’ (Piano Ver.).

At the beginning of this year, ‘Rollin’, who escaped from the crisis of disbandment, became a popular girl group by making a successive hit until ‘Skimat Wind’ in June. Therefore, expectations for the new song ‘Liquor Habit’ are higher than ever. In response to this, leader Minyoung expressed his desire to solidify his position as a trend in the music industry, saying, “I hope this song also succeeds in running.”

We recently conducted a written interview with Brave Girls, who are about to make a comeback.

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-This is a super-fast comeback after 2 months since the release of ‘Skimat Wind’ in June. Does that mean that you have confidence in your new song?

▶(Minyoung) It was a pity that I was suddenly unable to perform follow-up songs due to the Corona 19 issue at the time. I think the fans would have missed it a lot, so I quickly came back with a new song (laughs).

– Please introduce the new song ‘Drinking Habit’ (After Driving Only).

▶(Eunji) ‘Skimat Wind’ is a song that is perfect for summer, but I think ‘Drinking Habit’ is a song suitable for cool autumn. It’s a genre I’m trying for the first time, so I think many people will feel it’s different.

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-Isn’t ‘Driving Only’ released last year a ‘Thing Song’ that ran in the opposite direction after ‘Rolin’? Was the song planned for fan service?

▶(Yoojung) It was heartbreaking that the fans felt sorry for the sudden end of the last promotion. So, I wanted to show the fans a new song as soon as possible.

-Is there anything worth noting about the performance of ‘Drinking Habits’?

▶(Yuna) There is no performance this time, but if there is one noteworthy point about the song, I would like you to pay attention to the harmony at the beginning of ‘Drinking Habit’. Please also pay attention to the lyrics that contain the realistic appearance after a breakup.

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– The expected ranking of the new song. If you don’t get 1st place because your momentum is good, you might feel sad.

▶(Eunji) It took first place right after the release of the last album, but I think it would be a bit sad if this song didn’t take first place because people are getting more and more greedy. If I do the above, I will do a V-live broadcast that makes snacks and seafood according to the title.

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– Please introduce the songs on the album.

▶(Minyoung) The song ‘Skimat Wind’ (Acoustic Ver.) in this album is an acoustic version of the title song of the last mini 5th album. As it is an acoustic version, I thought it would have a calm feeling, but when I listened to the arrangement, the rhythm was still alive. I think it would be good to listen to it when you want to enjoy ‘Chimat Wind’ with a different sensibility.

▶(Yoojung) ‘FEVER’ (Saturday Night Fever)[Remix] The version was reborn as a hip-hop genre. The rap I tried for the first time was also arranged in a more hip way, so please listen to it a lot.

▶(Yuna) ‘Summer Alone’ (Piano Ver.) captures our acoustic sensibility with an emotional piano melody.

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-If there are any achievements or goals you would like to achieve through this activity.

▶(Minyoung) I did my first straight run through ‘Skimat Wind’, and I want to solidify my position by successfully running one more time with this song.

▶(Eunji) I want you to discover a new side of us through ‘drinking habits’. I want many people to know that ‘I can digest this kind of song well’ and ‘The Brave Girls are not a group that does only one genre’.

-How do you feel about becoming the new ‘Summer Queen’ by hitting hits like ‘Rollin’, ‘Just Drive’, and ‘Skirt Wind’.

▶(Yoojung) It’s so good that we got the concept and image we’ve been waiting for with ‘Skimat Wind’. It seems like another dream has come true, and I want to say thank you to the fans who support us.

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– A lot has changed in the past six months due to the popularity of ‘Roline’. what about looking back

▶(Yuna) My life changed suddenly with one video uploaded by YouTuber video editor. From the moment of bewilderment and bewilderment to No. 1 on music sites, No. 1 on music shows, comeback, and Jung Joo-joo, there is not a single moment where I am not grateful. If there is one disappointment, it is that the first fan meeting could not be held face-to-face. I hope that after Corona 19 is over, there will be more opportunities to see the fans in person.

– You said you wanted to be the Brave Girls until your sixties. That heart doesn’t change

▶(Minyoung) All the members are unchanged. I want to work with the members for a long time in the future.

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-What kind of music do you want to do in the future and what kind of group do you want to be remembered by the public?

▶(Yoojeong) I want to make music with our own distinct color, where everyone can say ‘It’s a Brave Girls song’ just by listening to it. Also, I want to approach the image that is familiar to many people.

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