Brazil beats Germany 4-2 at the 2020 Olympics


23 July 2021 – 06:58

Richarlison scores a hat-trick as Brazil’s men’s soccer debut at the 2020 Olympics crushes Germany, which has 10 players left 4-2.

The 2020 Olympic Men’s Football Championship, Group D, the first match between Brazil, the reigning champions, and Germany at Yokohama National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan

The reigning champions of Celexo under the leadership of Andre Jardin, this game put the pieces in a 4-4-2 system, led by Antoni, Claudino, Matheus Cunha. and Richarlison, a pair of spearheads

On the side of Stefan Kunz’s small iron eagle, this game is organized in a 4-3-3 system, with Marco Richter, Nadem Amiri and Max Crusse as three coordinates in the offensive line.

The first half, Brazil, unlocked for only 7 minutes, Anthony paid a cut behind the defensive line, Richarlison pressed with the right to save Florian Muller, the goalkeeper and followed again, leading 1-0 later in the 22nd minute. Left-back Guillerme Arana gave Richarlison a 2-0 lead at the back.

Richarlison scores a hat-trick in the 30th minute and puts the ball into the penalty area. Then spun with the right, plugged in the corner of the far post, leaving 3-0 Germany almost collapsed in 45 minutes, Benjamin Henriks handball lost a penalty, but Florian Muller brushed a shot of Mathaus. Kunya can keep

In the second half, Germany hit the egg in 57 minutes, Marco Richter shot a block, Nadiam Amiri, a double sword volley on the skull, chased for 1-3 before falling into trouble in the 63rd minute, Maximilian Arnold, the captain. The team lost a foul in the game. Veteran back Dani Alves received a second yellow card.

“Iron Eagle” sparked hope in the 84th minute. David Rom, left-back, threw for Raknar Ashe, headed back, hit the bottom 2-3, however, the former champion closed the box in 90+5 minutes. Bruno Guimares pierced through the channel. Claudio de Claudio dropped solo and hit the right-hand corner of the far post, repeating the victory 4-2.

Finished the game, Brazil defeated Germany 4-2, starting to collect the first 3 points and go up to the top of Group D.

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