Brazil in public training… ‘Choi Jeongye’ completed on the 31st

The Brazilian national team also began public training and preparations for the evaluation match. First of all, the best striker, Neymar, has appeared, and tomorrow, the world’s best players will join.

Reporter Shin Yoo-man visited.

Take the Namsan Cable Car and take a group photo with downtown Seoul in the background.

When I ride the rides, I like it like a child on a school trip. Brazilian players of ‘Samba Soccer’ started to adapt to the jet lag by visiting Korea instead of taking a nap.

At the training ground, we focused on improving the condition to keep the world’s strongest pride.

Today, the training was revealed to the domestic media, showing strong confidence. We warmed up with catching the ball and light running, and we also improved our organization with shooting drills and mini-games.

Neymar, who boasts the most goals in an active Brazil A match with 71 goals, led the training atmosphere with a bright expression throughout.

Our national team and Brazil are ranked 29th and 1st in the FIFA rankings, respectively. We are inferior with a record of 1 win and 5 losses in A match history. The first and last victory was in 1999, 23 years ago.

Brazil boasts spectacular individual skills and explosive attack power. He is the strongest training opponent for Uruguay, which we will face in the Qatar World Cup.

Other key players such as Vinicius and Fabinho, who participated in the Champions League final, will also enter the country tomorrow. The most elite team of the world’s strongest Brazil will be completed.

This is TV Chosun Shin Yoo-man.

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