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Doha: Brazil won the FIFA World Cup after breaking the Swiss defense in the 83rd minute. Casemiro’s breakthrough goal secured Brazil’s second World Cup victory and secured the forerunners. After defeating Serbia 2-0 in the first match, Brazil is first in Group G with six points. Switzerland, who won the first match, is in second place with three points.

After a goalless first half, Casemiro emerged as Brazil’s savior in the second half. Brazil’s goal was scored from Rodrigo’s assist. Casemiro’s superb shot from inside the box tore through the body of the Swiss defender and into the net.


From the match between Brazil and Switzerland. Photo: FIFAWorldCup2022

Scoreless first half

Brazil’s game in the first half was characterized by the absence of Neymar, who was out injured. Switzerland defended many of the slow developments without pressure. In the 12th minute, Brazil wasted a golden opportunity to score. Richarlison, who received the ball as a flick pass from Paqueta, had a chance in front of the Swiss post with only the goalkeeper in front. But the player tried to cut the ball back to Vinicius. Swiss defender Nico Elvedi saves the ball.

A one-touch pass from Casemiro and Fred gave Richarlison another chance, but the move ended with a goal kick. After 20 minutes of the first half, Brazil and Switzerland were on the same page. In the 27th minute, Vinicius’ volley was saved by Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer. Rafinha’s shot from 25 yards was also caught by Yann Sommer. In the 37th minute, Militao’s goal attempt was blocked by Swiss star Xhaka. Thiago Silva’s attempt to score from a corner taken by Rafinja missed the target. The Swiss defender, Nico Elvedi, blocked the ball and the ball did not reach the goal post. At the end of the first half, no goals were scored at Stadium 974. Only one goal attempt was made by the Swiss in the first half.

Richarlison’s frustration, saved by Casemiro

Aiming to score a goal, Brazilian Lucas Paqueta fell at the start of the second half. In the 53rd minute, Swiss player Sylvan Widmer slid a low pitch pass from near the Brazilian post but failed to connect. But Alex Sandro blocked Jibril Zoe on the rebound. In the 63rd minute, Vinicius Jr found the back of the net for Brazil, but the referee called it offside with the help of the video assistant referee. Casemiro’s pass scored Brazil’s goal. Thousands of Brazilian fans in the gallery were disappointed after the goal was disallowed.


Brazilian Swiss players fight for the ball.  Photo: FIFA World Cup 2022

Brazilian Swiss players fight for the ball. Photo: FIFA World Cup 2022

After 70 minutes of the game, Richarlison and Rafinha were withdrawn and Brazil sent Gabriel Jesus and Anthony to the ground. Richarlison, who scored two goals against Serbia, left the field in the match against Switzerland without being able to do much. The Swiss also made crucial changes in the team in the second half. In the 75th minute, Rodrigo’s free kick went wide of the unthreatened Swiss post. Casemiro scored the first goal of the game in the 83rd minute. Casemiro’s superb shot from inside the box deflected off the body of the Swiss defender and into the net with goalkeeper Yann Sommer watching.

In the 87th minute, Rodrigo’s shot hit the Swiss goalkeeper over the bar. After scoring the goal, Brazil continued to send the ball into the Swiss box in the final minutes of the game. But Brazil could not score a second goal. Brazil won by one goal with six minutes of added time.


Brazil-richarlison - 1

Brazilian player Richarlison’s disappointment. Photo: FIFA World Cup

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