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How good is the Brazilian team for the Qatar 2022 World Cup?Analysis of the strength level of the Brazilian national team

In almost every previous World Cup, Brazil have been the favorites to win the championship, and this World Cup is no exception.

Needless to say, the historical record: the Brazilian team has never missed any World Cup finals and is the only team to have won five World Cup titles. The 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup held in Asia last time saw the “Samba Army” achieve five-star glory. Coming to Qatar with the halo of world number one, the only aim of the Brazilian team is to embroider the sixth star on the shirt.

In this regard, not only does the head coach of the Brazilian team, Tite, have so much confidence, but also various prediction websites, questionnaires, and speeches by football celebrities all recognize that the Brazilian team is the biggest favorite to win the championship and have a great chance to win the cup again in Asia. After all, in World Cup qualifiers, Brazil’s record of 14 wins, 3 draws and no losses is enough to prove their dominance in South America. In the previous two warm-up matches, the Brazilian team easily defeated the Ghanaian team and the Tunisian team with a big score of 3:0 and 5:1 respectively, which also checked the fiery condition of the players.

Perhaps the only misery left for Tite by the “Football Kingdom” is that there are too many options on the front line, with whom to come and who not to come makes him think about insomnia. In the roster of 26 men, Tite brought 9 forward, and the attacking weapons can be said to be “sharp”. Neymar, who is 30 years old, is a well-deserved offensive core, and is in hot form this year. In every competition since August, he has contributed goals and assists in almost every game. In Tite’s tactics, Neymar sometimes played as a left winger and sometimes served as a free man in the front court, leading the Brazilian team’s offense through position changes.

Compared to the previous two World Cups, Neymar has more assistants around him. Richarlison, who plays for Tottenham in the Premier League, is short of scoring goals at the club, but is in hot form in the national team. He is the player with the most goals in the Brazilian team this year apart from about Neymar. enrich the team’s tactical options. Real Madrid winger Vinicius, 22 years old, has grown into a global star, with tremendous success and impact, he will be leading his first World Cup tour and is one of the most popular stars in this World Cup. There is also Rafinha, Rodrigo, Anthony, Jesus… Basically, they are the core players of the main European giants, with a reasonable age structure and different playing styles.

The attacking line is in the eye, and the Brazilian team’s midfield and defense configuration is not inferior. The team has Casemiro, Fabinho, Guimarães and Paqueta, four of the best midfielders who have played in the Premier League, to accompany the luxurious attacking group. On the defensive line, 38-year-old Thiago Silva is still immortal. He is still Chelsea’s indispensable central defender and the spiritual leader of the “Samba Legion”. The 24-year-old Militao and the 28-year-old Marchinhos are in good shape. Together, the three have built a first class defense line that combines “old, middle and young”. In addition, the goalkeeper position has two top-class goalkeepers, Alisson and Ederson, who are the main players in Liverpool and Manchester City. By implementing the “five substitutes” rule in this World Cup, Tite can make the most of the adequate resources of the team Reserve staff pool.

From the point of view of the league, the Brazilian team is a little insufficient in the full-back position, Alves was selected for the squad at the age of 39. Renewing the record of the oldest player in Brazil’s previous World Cup squads, he also in Brazil, caused great controversy. In this regard, Tite said: “Alves is a technical and tactical complement. His technical level and personal ability are excellent. He can be an organizer and a link.”

The Brazilian team is strong and aiming for the championship, but its opponents in Group G are not easy to save. Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon are also in Group G with Brazil. The Swiss team and the Serbian team, the two European powerhouses, have a certain ability to disrupt the game, and at the World Cup in Russia four years ago, Switzerland and Serbia were in the same group as Brazil. The fate of these three teams is not insignificant.

Four years ago, the Brazilian team won 2 wins and 1 draw with 7 points and qualified first in the group. This time, the “Samba Army” definitely wants to repeat the same group position.

In past World Cups, there will always be a situation where the heat has to die. A big favorite team, with high coverage, must also bear immense pressure. Predictably, the Brazilian team’s road to the championship started from the group stage, and it was not a quiet performance.

Twenty years have passed, and the World Cup has come to Asia again. The goal of the Brazilian team has never changed: to reach the six-star glory. This time, can their dreams come true in Qatar in the winter? (Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Chunyan and Wei Jingyu)

Brazil national team world ranking

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Brazil World Cup Team Strength Analysis Brazil National Team History World Ranking Latest Record

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