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Brazilian senator voted to support Criminal charges against the president Failure to cope with COVID-19

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Brazilian Senate Resolution Support – On October 27, the BBC reported that Brazil’s Senate committee voted in support of a report calling for charges against President Jair Bolsonaro, including charges of crimes against humanity After failing to manage the COVID-19 pandemic with 600,000 deaths in the country, it ranks second in the world. after the United States.

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The AP news agency reported that The Senate’s recommendation to the report Expected to ship Wednesday morning, Oct. 27 local time. To Augusto Aras, Attorney General for another assessment. However, Mr Aras is expected to defend President Bolsonaro. who appoints Mr. Aras as the Attorney General. The Attorney General’s Office stated that will carefully review as soon as such reports are received.

Renan Calerus, Senator of the Middle, who led the report. stated after the senator’s resolution that The chaos of President Bolsonaro’s government will be a record in history as the lowest human poverty.

Caleirus also called on a Senate committee to suggest charges of crimes of humanity against the Brazilian leader. for further submission to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The 1,300-page report accuses President Bolsonaro’s government of implementing policies that have caused the coronavirus to spread across the country. in hopes to achieve the goal of building a group immunity. The report further explained that The Brazilian leader is the main person responsible for the mistakes made by the central government during this pandemic.

In addition to crimes against humanity The Senate committee has recommended eight other charges, including inciting crimes. forgery of documents and violating social rights. President Bolsonaro has also been accused of misusing public funds. and spreading fake news about the pandemic.

The report also offers prosecution advice against two companies and 77 other people, including the Brazilian leader’s three sons.

However, throughout the six-month trial that has highlighted scandal and corruption within the Brazilian government, President Bolsonaro has insisted that Doing the Right Thing from the Beginning of the Epidemic And the Brazilian leader’s allies rejected a suggestion made by the Senate on Tuesday, Oct. 26, citing support from “Political and electoral motivations”.

at the United States Former President Donald Trump, an ally of President Bolsonaro issued a statement acknowledging the Brazilian leader Because he fights hard for Brazil and loves Brazilians.

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