Brazilian supporters of ex-President Bolsonaro attack Congress… Russia “missile attack kills 600 Ukrainian soldiers”

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Host) What news do you have today?

Reporter) Yes. Supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro attacked Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace on the 8th. The President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula Dasouva, said that those responsible would be found and punished. The Russian defense ministry claims that its forces attacked a building in Kramatosk, killing 600 Ukrainian soldiers there.

Host) Global Village Today, here is the first news. Supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have invaded the legislative, executive and judicial branches?

Reporter) Yes. Thousands of Bolsonaro supporters attacked the parliament, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace in the capital Brasilia on the 8th. Local television showed people entering the Supreme Court and the Senedd, shouting slogans and destroying property. A video was also posted on social media of protesters pulling down and beating a police officer on horseback outside the parliament building.

Moderator) What happened to the people who broke into the building?

Reporter) Yes. Brazil’s ‘Globe News’ reported that the police took control of all the buildings around 6:30pm, three hours after the first report of the incident in local time. Television showed dozens of protesters being dragged out with their hands tied. Brazil’s Ministry of Justice says it has so far arrested 200 people.

Host) Did this happen exactly one week after President Lula took office?

Reporter) Yes. President Lula defeated the current President Bolsonaro in the presidential election held in October last year. However, supporters of former President Bolsonaro have protested for a long time without recognizing the results of this presidential election.

Moderator) Former President Bolsonaro raised suspicion of electoral fraud, right?

Reporter) Yes. They raised suspicions of fraudulent elections, saying there was a problem with the reliability of the electronic voting machine. Former President Bolsonaro also argued that the results of the presidential election were not fair. However, the relevant authorities did not receive these complaints. In the end, the former President Bolsonaro did not admit that he was defeated until the end. He did not even attend the inauguration of the successor president Lula. It is now known that former President Bolsonaro is in Florida, USA.

Moderator) Didn’t the supporters of former President Bolsonaro, who does not recognize the results of the presidential election, even ask for military intervention?

Reporter) Yes. Some supporters camped outside the military base and demanded that the military intervene and restore Bolsonaro to power.

Host) How did President Lula react to this event?

Reporter) Yes. President Lula was in Sao Paulo on this day (8th). After being briefed on the incident, he said, “These saboteurs – fanatical Nazis, Stalinists and fascists – did an act never seen before in our history. We will find and punish everyone who did this.” He emphasized. .

Host) You plan to punish everyone who breaks into the building?

Reporter) Yes. Lula also targeted ex-President Bolsonaro, accusing him that “this genocide is provoking this through social media in Miami” and “we all know about the various speeches of the ex-president encouraging this act .”

Moderator) Security forces must have been sent to major institutions in the capital, but why didn’t they stop the protesters?

Reporter) Yes. The police tried to disperse the protesters by firing tear gas, but it was said that was not enough. However, it was said that some policemen at the scene did not stop the protesters and stood aside. Lula said he would punish some police officers and remove them from the force, accusing them of “incompetence, bad faith or malice” for failing to prevent protesters from entering parliament. In the midst of this, the Supreme Court of Brazil suspended the duties of Governor Ibaneis Rocha of Brasilia for 90 days, holding him responsible for security failures. Earlier, Governor Rocha Andersson sacked Torres, Brasilia’s security chief. Torres served as Minister of Justice under the Bolsonaro administration.

Moderator) Is there anything from the side of former President Bolsonaro about this situation?

Reporter) Yes. Former President Bolsonaro posted a post on Twitter that day (8th) and criticized the situation. However, he did not acknowledge accusations against President Lula of inciting the unrest.

Moderator) Is this event similar to what happened in Washington, DC, USA on January 6, 2021?

Reporter) Yes. On that day, there was an event where supporters of former President Donald Trump entered the Federal Capitol where the confirmation of the results of the presidential election was underway. Former President Trump, who was defeated in the presidential election at the time, also constantly preached to supporters that the results of the presidential election were manipulated.

Host) How did the international community respond to this situation?

Reporter) Yes. US President Joe Biden told reporters, “These riots are outrageous.” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said, “The United States condemns any attempt to undermine democracy in Brazil.” French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that “the will of the Brazilian people and democratic institutions must be respected.” In addition, Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador said, “Lula is not alone. He has the support of progressive forces in Mexico, America and the world.”

Smoke rises from an attack by Russian troops in Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine. (data image)

Host) Global village today, the next news. Are you claiming that 600 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in a Russian rocket attack?

Reporter) Yes. The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement on the 8th. The statement claimed that the country’s forces attacked two buildings in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, killing 600 Ukrainian soldiers there. The Russian Defense Ministry described the attack as retaliation for the sacking of Makiivka.

Moderator) The incident that Russia mentioned is that a Ukrainian rocket hit the building in Makiyivka, Donetsk region, which was a Russian military quarter recently, killing 89 Russian soldiers, right?

Reporter) That’s right. The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the attack was against Ukrainian forces using credible intelligence. He said there were more than 700 Ukrainian soldiers in one of the two buildings and more than 600 in the other. If true, this would be the highest number of individual casualties for Ukrainian forces since the start of the war.

Moderator) How did Ukraine react to the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Defense?

Reporter) Yes. The Ukrainian military denied the Russian claim. “These claims are an intelligence operation by the Russian Ministry of Defense,” Serhi Cherevati, a spokesman for the Eastern Ukrainian Armed Forces, told the press. So, it is one of the baseless propaganda. Spokesman Cherevaty said the Russian Defense Ministry’s claim was an attempt to show that it had responded forcefully to the recent mass casualties of its country’s soldiers.

Moderator) Did the media tell you about the situation in Kramatosk that Russia attacked?

Reporter) Yes. ‘Reuters’ and ‘BBC’ reported the local situation. Kramatosk is said to have been attacked. However, these media reported that there were no signs that many of the buildings the Russians had attacked had been destroyed or that many people had been killed here.

Host) Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the army to observe a ceasefire between midday and midnight on June 7. Was the ceasefire well kept?

Reporter) No. It is known that the armed forces of the two countries have exchanged attacks even during the ceasefire period unilaterally designated by President Putin. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video speech on the 7th that Russia had not kept its promise to temporarily suspend hostilities. Luhansik Governor Serhii Haidai also claimed that Russian troops had fired 14 shells at Ukrainian positions in the first three hours after the unilaterally announced ceasefire came into force. On the other hand, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported that Ukrainian military rockets attacked two power stations in the Russian-occupied Donetsk region of Ukraine.

Host) In the midst of this, did Russia and Ukraine exchange prisoners?

Reporter) Yes. The two countries exchanged 50 prisoners each. Ukraine said some of the returned soldiers were taken prisoner in Chernobyl and Mariupol.

Moderator) Yes. Global Village Today, I will listen to this.

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