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Brazil’s largest protest demand for impeachment and vaccination of the president amid coronavirus outbreak[영상]

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On the 29th (local time) in a big city in Brazil, tens of thousands of protesters went to the streets demanding the impeachment of President Bolsonaro and prompt vaccination.

Tens of thousands of Brazilian citizens went to street demonstrations outraged by President Zaire Bolsonaro’s response to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), CNN reported on the 29th (local time). The protests on this day are the largest since the corona 19 pandemic began last year.

On the streets, they demanded the impeachment of President Bolsonaro and promptly vaccinated against Corona 19 on the streets of large cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia.

Reportedly, most of the people who attended the protests wore masks, but did not keep social distancing.

In Brazil, 79670 new cases of Corona 19 occurred on that day, and 2012 died. There were 16 million cumulative confirmed cases and 460,000 deaths. Of the approximately 210 million people in Brazil, only about 19 million people, less than 9.4% of them, had completed two doses of the Corona 19 vaccine.

Those who participated in the protests protested against President Bolsonaro’s refusal to blockade measures, saying, “It’s just a small flu,” from the early days of Corona 19, and heard signs that read’massacre.

Patricia Pereira, a nurse who participated in the protest, said, “Bolsonaru was worse than the Corona 19 virus at the time,” and “We are tired of the current situation where the medical system is on the verge of collapse.” He then argued, “As long as Bolsonaru is in power, we cannot solve Corona 19.”

Student Beatrice Fernanda Ciuba participated in a protest to commemorate her 42-year-old uncle who died of Corona 19.

In most cities, protests were conducted peacefully, but in Recife, the capital of Lernambuk Province, a protester was hit by a rubber bullet from the police. In the area, police even sprayed pepper to quell protests.

The protest took place one week after President Bolsonaro had his supporters protest against the regulation of Corona 19 in Rio de Janeiro. At the time, supporters of the president urged the Brazilian governors to disband the Supreme Court, which gave Brazilian governors the authority to enforce the COVID-19 regulation.

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