Break down a brutal interest loan, raid and search 12 points of the “Bungo Gang”, arrest 24 minions

“Deputy Joke” announces the destruction of “Bango gang”, a large informal loan, search 12 points in 5 states, capture 24 members of the network with intermediaries. After the victims complained, they were brutally scratched up to 340 percent per year. Conduct will leave business cards in the market or community for the illiquid merchants to reclaim. Reveal more than 600 million baht of money in just 2 years Order to explore additional related assets. Cut off the offenders juice completely.

The breaking down of the loan gang outside the “Bungo” network system was revealed this time on June 2 in the Police Department, Udon Thani Province. Pol Gen held. Surachet Hakpal, deputy commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Police, press conference with Pol ECD Department Operations joining more than 100 police officers Por 3, Por 4, Por 7, Por 8 and Por 9 to destroy the network ” Bungo Gang” of informal loans. raided 12 targets in 5 provinces: three in Kanchanaburi, four in Udon Thani, two in Khon Kaen, one in Surat Thani, and two in Songkhla. “Together, operate a personal loan business without permission. 11 items were seized, including 880,000 business cards, 122 loan contracts, 642 borrower documents, 8 tablets, 17 bank passbooks, 1 ATM card, 16 mobile phones, 8 calculators, 1 car, 13 motorbikes, 15,200 baht in cash .

Pol Gen revealed. Surachet Hakpal, deputy chief of police, that many victims during the year 2022 reported complaints from Kor. 5, ECD, in the case of money lending by informal loan capitalists called “Bungo Gang”. a situation that calls for brutal interest rates of up to 340 percent per annum, causing trouble. The Center for the Prevention and Suppression of Illegal Debt Crimes of the Royal Thai Police, led by Pol Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police and Director of the Royal Thai Police, Pol Gen. Sompong Chingduang, Special Adviser to the Police and Deputy Director of the Royal Thai Police, Pol. Lt. The Gen ordered Sarawut Karnphanich, Assistant Police Commissioner and Deputy Director of the Royal Thai Police, the account to A. Accelerating the suspension: The Lt Gen. Jirapob Puridej, head of EDUC, assigns the head of ECD, Pol. A large loan network is a mistake. Mr Kiattisak Chanchaeng, 29 years old, or Bango, is a gang leader or capitalist. Networks are scattered in various cities such as Kanchanaburi, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Surat Thani and Songkhla, collecting evidence and requesting approval for all 14 Bango network arrest warrants.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police said that Criminal groups behave in different community sources, flea markets or shops, leaving business cards in contact with lenders. persuading small business operators and the public who lack financial liquidity unable to access legitimate sources of financing Charged with interest at a rate higher than the legal limit of 340 percent per annum, an audit of the route found financial that there was more than 600 million baht in turnover in the account over a period of 2 years. Others joined the movement fearlessly against the law.

Pol gathered. Gen. Surachet mai This will then direct a further examination of the relevant assets. Cut off the offenders juice completely. If any people have been victims of loan sharks or if you have useful clues You can report to channel 1599 or you can also report to the police in the area. The Center for the Prevention and Suppression of Illegal Debt Crime National Police Agency I would like to warn people not to be tricked into borrowing money from unreliable and unauthorized loan sources. as well as demanding more interest than is required by law To check Legitimate loan sources Can check credit release license


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