Break love! ‘Pei’ decided to separate from the gang, saying that the relationship with friends is not the same

Break love! ‘Pei’ decided to separate from the gang, saying that the relationship with friends is not the same

Many people doubt the relationship between the actresses. Pei Panwad Boonyaratglin with friends, actors like Kratae Supaksorn, Ning Panita and May Pitchnat Is it still the same?

Recently, Kratae’s birthday party, all of the gang members went, except Pei Mai. The more reinforcing the relationship in the gang is not the same.

by Mai Pei revealed that “If sometimes we answer something He will see that.. is that people think in many ways So Bei was rather cautious. as possible If you can be silent, choose to be silent. or better not answer I hope everyone understands, but I understand that sometimes there are questions. why disappear from each other Well, take as much as you can (smile). I didn’t go did not attend because we have separated

Did you send a message to the Kratae’s birthday? “No, I didn’t send it.”

We know that the news keeps coming and going. About our gang? “Understanding everything, it’s okay, we’ve been in this industry for a long time. we can understand that there must be news but as said Who has a role to play with our feelings? is someone we love very much We have a feeling that We don’t want to pass interviews.

If it’s anyone, it’s up to us to love. I have a feeling that We would like to talk more. It’s not that I don’t want to interview. but afraid to misunderstand afraid to understand another meaning So it’s better to be quiet.

Haven’t seen you in a very long time, right? “It’s a year.”

but still doing business together as usual, right? “We are still working together. but did not meet (Talk only about business?) Well, we talk to May (Pitchnat Sakakorn), May will update us.”

May is the middleman? “Yes, we are talking. and share your opinion Finally, he will go to tell in the group. that we followed May’s opinion something like this more.”

Is the relationship in our gang the same? “It’s definitely not the same (smiles).”

Is there a chance it will be the same? Many people are encouraged to do well. Because our group is cute? “Bei doesn’t know about the future. But Pei decided to come out. come out by yourself We choose to come out by ourselves (with tears in the eyes). Difficult decision. I love you very much… My dear friend, who is it? Who doesn’t want to lose the friend we love, right? It’s quite like…

But it still had a good feeling. It doesn’t cut off. exercise walking time walk past his house heard him in the house We live in the same village. Well, I miss this voice a lot. (Smiles) Then we keep walking and smiling. We only think of good things. What kind of cuteness do you think? I still love you now But it’s at the point where we feel that we’re better here. It is better for us to separate ourselves, it is more comfortable (smiles).”

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