Break the doubt! Sun Minghui scored 21 points to win three points + locked Jeremy Lin

Original title: Breaking the doubt! Sun Minghui scored 21 points to win three points + locked Jeremy Lin

On December 30th, Beijing time, the 16th round of the CBA regular season of the 2021-2022 season, ushered in a battle of focus. The Beijing Men’s Basketball Team faced the Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team. This was the first round of the two teams’ confrontation of the season. Sun Minghui, the local core of the Guangsha team, withstood the pressure under the circumstances that have been questioned by the outside world recently. In the first 38 minutes of the game, he made 7 of 12 shots, including 4 of 5 three-pointers and 3 of 5 free throws. The team’s highest 21 points, plus 3 assists and 1 rebound. Leading the Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team to a 94-91 victory over the Beijing Men’s Basketball Team to win this crucial victory.

This season, Sun Minghui played in 15 games, averaging 17.5 points, 8.9 assists, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.3 steals in 27.7 points per game. The assists created a personal CBA career high! It is worth mentioning that Sun Minghui was able to create 4.8 free throws per game this season, hitting 4.3 free throws with an 89% shooting rate, which is also the best of his career and full of lethality! Looking at these data, Sun Minghui is the team’s uncompromising offensive arrow and offensive organizer, integrating offense and defense! With his outstanding performance, Sun Minghui was also selected for the new men’s basketball national team, proving the strength of his domestic top local defender.

But after the start of the second phase of the regular season, Sun Minghui’s performance in the two games attracted huge controversy from the outside world. Against the defending champion Guangdong team, Sun Minghui was first whistled for a physical foul due to excessive defensive actions, and then dissatisfied with the referee’s penalty. He was extremely emotional and furious on the court, and was again whistled for a technical foul. Sun Minghui played only 8 minutes and 15 seconds in the first quarter, and was directly expelled from the field after receiving consecutive violations and technical fouls. In the last game against the Shenzhen team, although Sun Minghui effectively scored 28 points, 3 rebounds, 10 assists, 3 steals and 1 block, he had only one turnover, and his overall performance was quite impressive. But with the team leading by 1 point, Sun Minghui made a fatal error + failed to defend, resulting in the team’s tragic lore, which made him questionable.

In this game, the key battle against the Beijing team. After the start of the game, Sun Minghui was fully fired. He first received the ball at the top of the arc, drifted three-pointers with high difficulty, hit the 24 second offensive buzzer, and then dislocated at the bottom corner, “small hit and big hit.” “The center forward of the Beijing team directly dribbled the ball and stopped to draw, once again soaring three-pointers at the center and outside! Two consecutive long shots led the Guangsha team to a 12-2 offensive at the start, gaining a double-digit lead. In the middle of the second quarter, Sun Minghui made his debut again. Facing the double-team defense of the Beijing team, an accelerated ultra-low dribble crossed through the gap and entered the penalty area, facing the assisted defense “European Step”, changing hands to score! Defeat the entire defense line of the Beijing team alone! In the first half of the game, Sun Minghui made 3 of 6 shots, including 2 three-pointers and scored 8 points. More importantly, on the defensive end, Sun Minghui confronted Jeremy Lin, the core of the Beijing team, and actively defended “Lin Madness” in the first half with 0 of 4 shots. He missed a point and made 2 turnovers to help the Guangsha team. In the first half, he had a 27-point lead.

In the second half of the game, Sun Minghui cut in the middle of the game, catching the ball and taking off. However, Zhao Yanhao, who was in excellent condition in this field, left the field because of an injury, and the Beijing team took the opportunity to narrow the points difference. At the critical moment, Sun Minghui stepped forward, first with a sudden assist and a three-pointer from the bottom corner of his teammate, and a long pass assisted by Hu Jinqiu with a single-handed buckle in the counterattack. After linking up the team’s offense, Sun Minghui also used the screen to catch the ball and directly pulled out a jumper. A series of operations helped the Guangsha team contain the momentum of the Beijing team’s counterattack and stabilize the nearly 20-point lead.

In the final game of the decisive quarter, the Beijing team narrowed the point difference to single digits. Sun Minghui counterattacked the fast break. After a crotch dribble, he made a beautiful left-handed pass to assist Hu Jinqiu’s inside score. Then the Beijing team’s defense was not stable. The field launched a quick attack and completed a one-stop layup. 35.9 seconds before the end of the game, Guangsha team only led by 1 point. In the key round of the decisive victory, Sun Minghui singled with the ball from the right wing. After a continuous crotch dribble, he directly faced the blocked shot and made a three-pointer. This was his fourth long shot in this field. Extend the lead to 4 points. In the end, the Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team narrowly beat the Beijing Men’s Basketball Team 94 to 91 to win this crucial victory.

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