Break the world record! Chinese students build drones that can fly for 80 hours, beating Boeing

Xinhua news agency Chinese state media reported (Oct 6) a Chinese university student developed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), breaking a world record in flight time.

Built by students from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA), the Feng Ru 3-100 (Feng Ru 3-100) drone can fly continuously for 80 hours 46 minutes 35 seconds, breaking Orion’s previous world record. Orion) developed by a Boeing subsidiary. which Orion recorded at 80 hours 2 minutes 52 seconds

On Sunday (Oct 3), the university released a world record accreditation from the Federation of International Aviation (FAI).

The Fenglux 3-100 is a black drone with a width of about 10 meters between the wingtips and is powered by a gasoline engine. And with a total weight of 60 kg after refueling, Feng Ru 3-100 was named after “Feng Ru”, the father of Chinese aviation.

The world record-breaking flight took off on May 21 in Xuchang. Henan Province, central China by hovering at an altitude of 300 meters and without refueling during the flight

The university said the drone’s team consisted of 25 undergraduate students from various years and disciplines, with an average age of less than 20.


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