BREAKING NEWS: 10,486 confirmed cases today, 94 deaths.

The Center for Coronavirus Disease Epidemic Situation Administration 2019 (Covid-19) Daily Situation Report (15 Oct. 64) today found 10,486 new cases, 10,319 common infections, clustered. Prisons have 167 people, bringing the cumulative number of infections since 63 to 1,762,190, while 10,711 more people recovered and returned home. The total number of recovered patients since 63 is 1,636,461.

At the same time, 94 people have died, the total number of deaths is 18,123. In the new outbreak since April 64, there have been 1,733,327 infected people, 1,609,035 total recovered and there are now patients. During treatment 107,606 people

For details of domestic infections CCC will release the official report at 12:30 p.m.


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