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[Breaking News]WRC Spain: Hyundai’s Neuville wins second this season, Soldo podium at local rally – RALLYPLUS.NET Rally Plus

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WRC Round 11 Spain has finished all the competition schedules and Hyundai’s Thierry Neuville has further expanded their lead the day before to win their second win of the season. This is Neuville’s 15th win in total. Toyota’s Elfyn Evans is in second place, and Hyundai’s Dani Sordo is in third place.

On the final day of the competition on October 17th (Sunday), the race will run twice on 4SS from SS14 to SS17, 9.1km and 16.35km, and the SS distance will be 50.90km, which is a short battle. The opening SS14 started at 7am, which was still dark. Here, the local Dani Sordo marks the best time for the whole body. With a 1.2-second lead, Soldo moved up to 3rd overall, overtaking Ogier, who was in the lead by 1.2 seconds. Even in the following SS15, the best time is Sold. Succeeded in widening the total time difference with Ogier to 1.6 seconds.

With the service in between, the rally went to SS16, which will be the restart stage of SS14. Here, Sold marked the third best time. Ojie continued in 2nd place in SS, but it was less than 0.7 seconds Soldo. Here, the total time difference between the two has expanded to 2.3 seconds. On the other hand, Neuville, the leader, has a stable run that exceeds Evans’s time in the 3SS so far, and has a margin of 21.3 seconds against Evans.


And the stage goes to the final stage. In SS17, which will be the re-run stage of SS15, the difficult conditions of rainfall await the players from the section in the middle of the stage. In the upper ranks, Ojie, who runs 4th overall, marked the provisional best time of 10 minutes 13 seconds 8. Ogier confirmed the 4th place and above and watched the remaining Sold, Evans and Neuville running. Next, Sold, who entered the course, exceeded Ogier’s time by 4.5 seconds, updated the provisional best and confirmed 3rd place or higher. I decided the 50th podium finish in my home country rally. Evans marked the provisional second fastest time and confirmed the second place or higher. And the final runner, Neuville, set a new second fastest time after Soldo and won his second win of the season. At the finish, he climbed the roof of the car with co-driver Martin Widag, pushing his fists up and expressing his joy.

All the top teams finished running, and the overall ranking was in the order of Neuville, Evans, Sold, and Ogier. In the power stage, the top five, Sold, Neuville, Evans, Ogier, and Rovanpera, will each get bonus points.


After the 11th round, Ojie ranked first in the drivers ranking with 204 points. Evans scored 187 points, a difference of 17 points. Neuville is 3rd with 159 points, Rovanpera is 4th with 140 points, and Tanak is still 5th with 128 points. The manufacturer’s ranking is Toyota 474 points, Hyundai 427 points, M-Sport Ford 187 points, Hyundai 2C 52 points. Following this result, the 2021 season driver / co-driver champion and manufacturer’s champion decisions have been carried over to the final round.

The next round will be Round 12 Rally Monza, which will be held from November 19th to 21st as an alternative to Rally Japan. The WRC will be the finale for the second consecutive year at the tarmac rally based in Italy’s prestigious circuit.

WRC Spain Provisional Results
1. T. Nuville (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) 2: 34: 11.8
2. E. Evans (Toyota Yaris WRC) +24.1
3. D. Sold (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) +35.3
4. S. Ogier (Toyota Yaris WRC) +42.1
5. K. Rovanpera (Toyota Yaris WRC) +1: 31.8
6. G. Greensmith (Ford Fiesta WRC) +4: 17.3
7. O. Solberg (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) +4: 26.7
8. N. Solance (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) +4: 34.9
9. E. Kamiri (Citroen C3 Rally 2) +9: 49.4
10. N. Gliadin (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5) +10: 05.9

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