Breaking the law: 16300 people were arrested in Saudi Arabia in the last week

The Ministry of Interior has announced that more than 16,000 lawbreakers have been arrested in Saudi Arabia in the past week. So many people were arrested during the joint investigation conducted by different departments.

The ministry also said that around 10,000 people are being deported. Sixteen thousand three hundred violators of the law were caught in joint field inspections carried out by different departments in different parts of the country. More than 9,500 of those arrested are resident offenders. In addition, more than 4,000 people were arrested for violating the Border Security Act and 2,479 people were arrested for violating the labor law. Last week, 520 people were arrested for trying to enter the country through the border. Of these, 36% are Yemeni citizens, 62% Ethiopians and 2% other nationalities.

Last week, 24 people were arrested for trying to cross the border illegally. In addition, 15 people were arrested for providing accommodation and travel assistance to those who breach residence, employment and border security regulations. More than half a lakh criminals arrested earlier are being pursued. The authorities also explained that, after completing the punishment process, around ten thousand people were brought out of the country last week.

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