Breaking the Xbox game listing record, “Forza Horizon 5” has more than 10 million players

The racing game “Forza Horizon 5”, which was launched earlier, uses beautiful Mexico as a stage and an open-world gameplay. It was very popular with players and car fans when it was launched. There are many game-related videos, screenshots and discussions on the Internet. In the first 24 hours after its official launch on November 9, Forza Horizon 5 had three times the number of players in the same period of the previous generation.

The official Twitter account of “Forza” recently announced a major milestone. “Forza Horizon 5” surpassed all “Halo” and “Forza” series and became the best performing game in the first week of Xbox history. The number of players in the first week has surpassed 10 million, which is believed to make “Forza Horizon 5” one of the most popular games in 2021.

To achieve this result, “Forza Horizon 5” was launched simultaneously on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. In addition, Microsoft also made the game available on Game Pass, which also made players who were not interested in racing originally. Much talked about and willing to download and try. “Forza Horizon 5” also achieved more than 80,000 simultaneous online players on Steam, another platform.

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