Brewers meets 18 Inning Marathon news

MILWAUKEE, WI (WSAU) – Coming on Saturday the Milwaukee Brewers was the only team in the Major League Championship that did not play an extra game.

This streak culminated in a big way with the Brewers and New York Mets playing 18 before Ryan Braun recorded a single two RBI who won his 4-3 victory.

The game was winning the game than Braun's 6th game as it ended 6-8 striking including two duplicates. Despite the fact that two games were full, the 13 year veteran was the only Brewer with different hours.

Mike Moustakas completed 1-7 with double, walk, and one RBI.

The game went to 10th place at 2 when the Mets were able to run across the top pushing a single house run by Pete Alonso. The Brewers scored both at 3rd place on RBI hits at Moustakas and Lorenzo Cain.

Both teams consumed their roster of bench players by the 14th round when their back-up dealers were activated. When the Brewers noticed bullpen, he looked when Taylor Williams was brought into the park. The Mets used the pitcher which was available to them in the 17th day.

Williams won when he had 4 injections, allowing three hits and one run. He also met three.

Gio Gonzalez started the entries and went 5.1, allowing three hits and one held and seven strikes to be recorded. Junior Guerra was saved for his service to the single home series to Alonso.

The Brewers did not record domestic running in the game, which put an end to at least one homer homage in his previous 19 home games.

The same two teams will recycle for a game of three Sunday evenings at Miller Park. Pregame coverage starts on WHBL at 12:35.

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