Brian Billick says by Lamar Jackson who will be Boom or Bust & # 39;

Some of Billick's worries may come from his past. Kyle Boller, quarterback & quarterback career ranges of 56.7 of 2003-2007. Boller did not, however, almost anything like a runner.

That's all lost in the Jackson debate. It's great to be surprised how it will develop as a conductor and raise issues based on what we saw last year as a promoter. But the whole package must be taken into account.

"I will never say that a man can not develop. You do not know," said Billick Glenn Clark Radio ago. "Based on the last seven weeks I saw, there are worries I am about that, but its devastated act and the lack of accuracy. It means it can not be developed.

"It's the age, do you have an athlete that can be spent or have an athletic that you have an athlete? Today, I feel like Lamar Jackson has an amazing athlete that can throw a throw. "

Welp, Billick adds to the list of people who can do Jackson wrong. I'm sure Billick is expecting to do it.

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