Bribery Controversy: High Court Recalls Bail

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January 28, 2023 10:33 am

The High Court remembered the bail order of the accused in the case in which the lawyer Saibi Jose appeared. The action of Justice Ziyad Rehman was held to have failed to grant bail to the accused without hearing the victim’s side. The court was told that despite receiving the notice, the victim had not appeared.
Unusual steps were taken in the High Court on the petition of a resident of Pathanamthitta, Babu, while the police investigation was going on in the case of lawyer Saibi Jose taking bribe on behalf of 3 judges including Justice Ziyad Rahman by assuring the parties that he would buying a favorable verdict. The case will be heard again. The High Court recalled the order passed on April 29 last year. In this case Adv. Saibi allegedly took a bribe of Rs 50 lakh.

In the caste naming case, the plaintiff is a native of Ranni. A case was registered at the Ranni police station under the Prevention of Troubles Against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Act. After the accused’s bail application, the court had ordered to issue a notice to the plaintiff’s side. The instruction was to Rani SHO. But when the case was heard, there were no lawyers for the plaintiff. When asked by the court, the prosecution replied that notice had been given.
The petition was heard by Justice Ziyad Rahman. Saibi Jose appeared for the accused. The High Court surveillance had found that Saibi Jose had accepted a bribe in the name of paying Rs 50 lakh to Justice Ziyad Rehman in the case.

Based on this, the complainant contacted the High Court requesting the cancellation of the accused’s bail application. The court ruled that granting bail to the accused without hearing the victim’s argument was against the previous orders of the Supreme Court. Considering this plea, Ziyad Rehman himself withdrew the anticipatory bail order he had given. The anticipatory bail plea will be reconsidered.

English Summary: Bribery Controversies: High Court Recalls Bail

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