Bribes from drinks companies to increase sales; 85000 was seized from Bevco workers

Money seized through surveillance

Idukki: Vigilance seized Rs 85,000 illegally kept by employees of Kattapana Liquor Outlet. Surveillance found that this was bribe money given to employees by drinks companies in order to increase sales of their brands. The money was seized during the inspection carried out by the surveillance team on Wednesday night.

The investigation by the watchdog was based on a suggestion that the employees were receiving rewards from the companies for selling more specific liquor brands. The money was found from the vehicle of an employee named Anish. The money was divided into bundles to be given to many people.

The investigation also found that Jayesh, the charge officer of the Kattapana Beverage store, had appointed an employee in the store illegally on his own. Surveillance found that he had been appointed at the shop to collect money from liquor companies and sell illegal liquor.

At the same time, they have not been arrested for not taking money directly from the officers. Surveillance will give a report in this regard to the departments concerned.


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