Brick inlay depicting guns painted over at East Helena | Local

Brick inlay depicting guns painted over at East Helena | Local

There is a brick inlay depicting two hand guns shown by bovine wine hidden in terms of new high school buildings being built in East Helena.

District Superintendent Ron Whitmoyer said he had learned about the image on the outside of the building on Tuesday morning. After a former student and parent in the area took a photo of the building and asked why the school area was letting him, Whitmoyer said that he thought the picture was photographic.

"The building was driving the previous day and it wasn't there," Whitmoyer said. "By 8:30 (s.m) we decided that the best move was to paint it."

Whitmoyer stated that the inlay from different colored bricks was created by a subcontractor for Dick Anderson Construction without the knowledge or approval of the school area or principal contractor.

"They had a good secret," said Whitmoyer. "But obviously they are not aware of the situation that is held nationally with school shooting."

Contractors continue to work on the new East Helena Conservatory wall

Contractors continue to work on the new East Helena Conservatory wall on Wednesday after painting a brick depicting two hand guns shown by a cow boy.

The design of the exterior of the building was rapid by school area officers.

Whitmoyer learned Wednesday morning that the inlay could be seen from inside the building, and he contacted Dick Anderson Construction so that he would be covered there too.

"If the public is convicted, I apologize for it. I confirm that I would never let that go," said Whitmoyer. "I think they had a good meaning, they put their hearts and soul into their work, but they chose bad images that can be badly portrayed."

Whitmoyer asked questions about the contractor Dick Anderson, owner of Dick Anderson's Building, who denied the image and identified Gruber Masonry from Clancy as a subcontractor who created it.

Dave Gruber, president of Gruber Masonry, visited the Independent Record on Wednesday to issue an apology.

"I apologize to the public," Gruber said. "This did not mean how some of them are taking it."

Gruber said the image was never permanent. He said the exterior would be covered by a siding and the interior would be painted.

Gruber said that he and his crew had left black blocks and decided to use them to create a “cool” reference for the school mascot, the Vigilantes.

"It wasn't in any way, as he gave up Dick Anderson Construction that we were doing this," Gruber said.

Gruber said that the problem of school shooting around the country did not create his mind before the image was created, and his team received some positive comments about the design before it was painted.


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