Bridgeport FD eliminates obstacles to future firefighters

BRIDGEPORT – Recruitment efforts are ongoing for the city fire department, and officials expect different factors to help those who can be sure about implementation.

In order to try for those who may be worried about the financial burden associated with the cost of CPAT test required to become a fire dancer, the city announced a scholarship program Wednesday that covers cost the test for 150 applicants.

Scholarships will be available on the first come, first served. The test cost is $ 175 normally.

Scholarships of candidates who meet the following requirements will be granted: a city of Bridgeport's resident, meeting the requirements of the financial needs, participating in the community service and attending at least four CPAT training hours at 236 St. Evergreen St. at no cost

The training sessions give the applicants information to what they get through during their CPAT test, Necole Dundy Pittman said fire Lt. She is a part of the six-person recruitment team of the Bridgeport Fire Department.

"They are tackling everything, learning everything," she said. "And in this way, when they do the test, there's nothing foreign to them."

The scholarship application form can be found at

Rental list

Recruitment for the fire department occurs twice a year – in February and August, Chief Executive Richard Thode said. Recruiting this February is to get more people out of the site for a variety of reasons.

Through this recruitment process, the Bridgeport Fire Department aims to have an active rental list, said the chief executive. He said that this list will be made up of everyone who does it through the application and training process.

"We can not wait until we need to fill out the jobs," Thode said.

Approximately 300 firefighters are currently working. However, Thode said, coming in April, about 70 firefighters will be eligible for retirement. He said the department wants to list people ready to fill those spots.

"We want a fire department that represents the community," said Thode.

Fire drivers must be ready for more than the big fires, Thode said; Many calls during a particular day include public jobs, including unlocking cars and installing smoke detectors.

Thode said the job, both financially and professionally, is a good one.

"It's a union post," he said. "It's paying well, there is a chance to advance and progress."

Overcoming obstacles

But that is not the whole city that is making the recruitment of fire drivers more successful.

Mr Necole Dundy Pittman, who said she had been with the Bridgeport Fire Department for 11 years, said that some people could block obstacles to becoming a fire bettinger.

Amongst these obstacles, she said, three are standing out: people are worried that they are not strong enough, that anyone who has a criminal record is unhealthy and that the stereotype is a man of fire fighting ".

"I put that obstacle," she said on the stereotype. "If I can do it, other young women can do it too."

Thode said 3.5% of the Bridgeport Fire Department are female firefighters. He said that the percentage falls with the national average. However, he said, he loves more women to see the steps.

But those on the hedge should be aware that the CPAT test will arrive 14 weeks on the application process.

Training on campus means Monday to Friday in Windsor Locks, Mohammad Kahn's firefighters, part of the department's recruitment team.

"You will find the best shape of your life," Kahn said. "You learn basic fire fighting functions and many other skills, including handling an emergency medical response."

Second chance

Usually, anyone who had a criminal record would be driving away from the presence of firearms, said Dundy Pittman. But a few years ago, Mayorport Joe Ganim gave the city a second opportunity for fire dealers.

Dundy Pittman said that when interested recruits were in place, a peer review committee will review the application. The committee will decide whether the candidate's background can be remitted to allow them to continue the process, said Thode.

Deputy Chief Lance Edwards, part of the peer review committee, said that the applicant will be submitted for interview to discuss their records and explain their side of the story.

"If accepted and you accept the department, you want to have a proof for a year," Edwards said.

The chief executive said that he hoped that a second opportunity would allow people who did not know it an opportunity to be an option. He said that this recruitment process is expected to be significantly greater in the department in February.

"It's a great career for everyone," Thode said.

"If you do not apply, you will never know," said Dundy Pittman.

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