“Bright Noraphat” tells the story of the most unruly who was attacked and risked death countless times.


The hottest actors from Channel One 31 Bright Noraphat Who today will open the life of extreme in the past, the most unruly, skipped school, got stomped 10 to 1, almost got kicked out The risk of dying countless times through the hot talk show that has Thanya Thanyares, Ajarn Nueng and Peggy Srithanya as the host of the show

Since I was a very unruly youth?

Bright: “It’s just a period of our childhood. It’s a boy Phil. In elementary school, he was a playful, playful, teasing person. At that time, there was no bully coming out. It’s not good. But in the past, we liked to tease and tease people.”

Many pranks will look at their friends pinch. But we put firecrackers Pour some oil on it, what is it?

Bright : “It was in middle school. boys playing together Take a can of gasoline, spray it on the table, put on a shirt, put on a chair, and set it on fire and set it on fire. Back then, we were just playing with nothing.

Then who did the firecrackers point at?

Bright: “At that time, it was the middle school period that was ruled by the room. Well, my school building has 9 floors. We are on the 9th floor and throw firecrackers downstairs. I mean, it doesn’t hit people. But the people in front of the room were shocked.”

In school, are we the ringleader?

Bright: “Not that much, it hurts a lot more than me. It is considered a good life experience for me.”

Also on parole?

Bright : “I think it’s normal. It’s like being admonished Phil. I got hit for the first time in elementary school, and that one was warned for the first time. Just entered school for the first week. and quarrel with someone, I don’t know.”

What do your parents say?

Bright : “If the matter is not very big he got nothing He was worried about us. I think boys between the ages of 14-18 don’t listen to their parents, their young age just stays with their friends. It’s the age that thinks that you have your own thoughts that are high. and is quite stubborn, doesn’t listen to anyone, used to say that my mother dropped me off at school at 8 o’clock. He was a mischievous child in the past. secretly smoke some Even if I’m messed up, but I study different subjects. It doesn’t mean that I’m rowdy and I don’t study. I always study very well.”

saw that he was on parole But survived because the flood saved lives?

Bright: “In middle school, it wasn’t so serious that it wasn’t even expulsion. It’s going to be one to three written cards and something like this. Now, in the year 2011, I was in Grade 2, flooded, the administrative room downstairs, all the leaves were gone.”

At what age did fights begin?

Bright : “During middle school. It keeps coming. but not to the point of killing each other But it has a very serious and serious style, but if it is a high school, it starts to be heavy, high school will start to cross-generation already. When we were young, we might have a fight with our neighbors, but in high school it started crossing. generation started skipping to another school getting bigger It’s not just kids fighting each other. It’s starting to get knives, guns, and explosions.”

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Is it mostly a leader or a follower?

Bright : “In the past I was a quick thinker, quick act, impatient, always a starter.

See that there are 10 motorcycles in front of the house?

Bright: “Not at all, probably 7-8 cars. This is a story for children outside the school. is a person who has not studied who can’t remember anything about the younger generation But it’s too late is where he lives in my village Before that, I hurt him. When he saw me coming home He followed in a horde I was shocked then. When I arrived home, I was very angry. My parents were at home. But there was nothing the people around that helped to kick them out. after that friends bring them to take me home.”

Almost got stabbed in the middle of the mall, what is it?

Bright: “I don’t know what he’s in. There will be a certain category of children who enjoy slapping other people. It’s like I have conquered this school and my friend is a friend in the room who is not aggressive, nothing, a normal person, hilarious, partying. When we get hit like that, we are angry. Why are we doing this to our friends? We don’t want our friends to get hit. Like an appointment with our friends to end them at the mall?”

So do we have any weapons?

Bright: “No one. Go to the mall. Who would have thought that there would be? Well, he’s a pair of jeans. And then it’s just this knife. and as if tying a rope then he hid When he asks for his face, he looks like he’s a girl, what are you doing with it? When it was cut into a knife Oh..I’m sorry but we didn’t run. Can’t run it loses face I can’t hurt myself, I can’t lose my face But then he plugged it in, but it didn’t hit me.”

At that age, he saw it as a knife and didn’t retreat at all?

Bright: “I thought it hurt, but it shouldn’t die. Thoughts at that time.”

Almost got shot?

Bright : “This one sits at a friend’s house. Sitting in front of the house in the fence of the house. There are 2 people sitting. I took a book to sit and read as well. At the time, I was studying engineering and suddenly a junior jumped from a motorcycle. A funny face opens the door. Please help me. After a while, there are hordes of motorcycles, some knives, some guns, some pens, and it’s a picket fence. Handing it over like a zombie movie. We were shocked and ran into the house with our friends. Go into the kitchen and take out the knife. As we ran out in front of our house, we found a pen gun. that moment It’s the moment that I’m really scared. It’s like a scene in a movie when it’s slow. If you bend down, will it shoot us in time? But if we run this way, will it hit it? In the end, he shot but didn’t get hit.”

How did we survive?

Bright: “I don’t know. Good luck.

The gun is scary Is there a bomb?

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Bright : “But the bomb wasn’t thrown at me. It was the kids who had an affair with the kids in my school. Then it threw a bomb into the school. open ping pong It prevented him from holding school events that year at all in my generation. Color sports or candle lighting ceremony of Suan Kularb. I am very sorry. My school children love school very much. very in school When it wasn’t held because of us again, we were saddened, even more angry.”

Do you go to the hotel often?

Bright : “Not often but not once We are not the ones who do this. Most of the time, I’ve never done anyone before. There are some, but few.”

How do you feel today when you see teenagers fighting each other?

Bright : “I feel like it’s better now than when I was a teenager. Then I felt that when my generation Seniors are heavier. because my house is near the school I met a teacher who said that since you guys graduated, there hasn’t been anything like this anymore. I think the world is more open. It has more to do My era is a transition from analog to digital.”

There was also a severe bad episode in Bangsaen?

Bright: “That’s probably the hardest thing in my life. We’re a little too bold We were wrong too. Because we’re young, we shouldn’t go that way. Phil like a university tavern because I went to my senior’s graduation ceremony It’s a problem women have. Then a man came to clear And I’m the only man, I have to clear it too. I ended up walking out of the shop and he came and punched me from behind. So I punched him one night. then he fell down After a few minutes, a male employee came and stomped on me. My head was banged against the edge of the waterfall where it was hanging on the wall. It broke. 17 stitches were sewn onto my face. I wasn’t unconscious at the time, but I fell. I remember it was blood bathed. It didn’t hurt then. The most painful is being sewn. I think I was worth it 10 to 1. I punched randomly, I had to get hit. Whatever you think, it’s worth it. It’s 10 people, the target is small, we alone, the target is big.”

Is there a scar?

Bright : “Much better Because it’s been 5-6 years.”

Is there any fear in my mind? I don’t. I’m not busy anymore?

Bright : “Well, I’m not that badass. But just don’t give up on people. If it’s wrong, we agree. If it’s not our fault after hitting the lid, I’m sure that I’m not wrong and we don’t think that it will recover this habit. but it disappeared while working which when entering the industry for the first time I’m still like that. I still have. Just no one knows.”

Are you still impatient?

Bright : “It’s not hot, now it’s a different person.”

We feel very sorry for the security guard. See that many people have been fired?

Bright: “Yes, it’s the school security guard. If the child can leave the school, the teacher knows. He had to change his clothes. Because it was considered a mistake, I only made it out to M.5-M.6, probably 3-4 sets because I would like to get it. and then start over and over And then a little bribe He would call us at that time the Red L Gang. buy him red lm cigarettes then he released I mean, we skip school to play games. It’s boring at school In the classroom, there is nothing to do.”

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Bright is a stubborn child. but study He studied very well?

Bright : “I’m not the best in the room. But I’m in a room where smart people Which has been studying well all the time. There is no center or anything. I passed the university entrance exam at the end of the 5th grade and went up to the 6th grade. I joined Thammasat University. International Engineering”

When I was in school for 2 years, I got into the industry right?

Bright : “Bright studied for a year. and then during that year’s schooling began to enter the industry have to leave that job Started filming a little drama. When we go up to Year 2, we can’t take it. It’s heavy. There are people who can do it, but we know that we can’t do it. We have to choose. It’s a very difficult shot. We are confident in ourselves that we can graduate. too If you just study But the entertainment industry knows nothing about it. It was very risky but in the end I chose to go over there. because I feel that the ceiling is high.”

“Then we moved to study supervision at Bangkok University, which Bangkok University helped him. Artist scholarships are also available. Another thing we want to fund Well, we feel sorry for our parents. Because international engineering tuition fees are very expensive. At that time, my parents, he followed us. The more he followed me, the more I felt guilty. So we thought that we would leave Thammasat and go get a free scholarship. and will not ask for money from my parents again in this life This was my first start when I was about 19 years old, but in the first 2 years I would die with 50 baht, but told my mother that I was very full.”

Played the first drama and didn’t go back to see it?

Bright: “Nope, just saw the poster and swept away. It was embarrassing, not just with the first story. with all the things that have been in the past I feel like it’s weak. I want to see myself getting better and better.”

When we first entered in the first year, was there any warning about the character?

Bright : “I hit everything. what he hit I’ve been hit with everything, such as walking posture, facial expressions, dressing, way of speaking, not smiling, not paying good respect, not being beautiful, heavy hands, everything. This doesn’t even reach the point of acting.”

Who said to give 3 years in the entertainment industry?

Bright : “We have set our goal that in the next three years we want to win one award for acting. We can call it good without having to think about it. There is a guaranteed reward”

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