BRITAIN M releases new product ‘Discovery Kit’

Professional hair brand ‘BRITISH M’ announced on the 31st that it has released a discovery kit that includes a wax and spray.

The newly released Discovery Pack contains the brand’s 3 best-selling waxes in a small size and a miniature hard tailor spray. .

Specifically, in the case of wax, ‘Dandy Hard Paste’, which is suitable for long, natural hair, ‘Regent Classic Pomade’, which is effective for neat styling with a wet finish, and ‘Urban Matt Clay’, which effective for long-term maintenance by placing floating hair on the sides and back It is very practical because you can test the three types of wax with different characteristics and choose the product you want .

To commemorate the launch of the portable and practical Discovery Pack, a 30% discount promotion will be held on the brand’s official website and store farm from April 3rd to April 30th.


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